Sergio Ramos Reveals Why He Rejected Saudi Offers to Return to Sevilla

Sergio Ramos Reveals Why He Rejected Saudi Offers to Return to Sevilla

The Loyalty of Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos, the Spanish football legend, recently disclosed that he turned down offers from clubs in the Saudi Pro League to make a sentimental return to Sevilla. His decision was rooted in a deep sense of loyalty and debt to the club where his professional football journey began.

Return to His Roots

Sergio Ramos initially started his professional football career at Sevilla in 2004, emerging from the club’s football academy. It was the place where he honed his skills and made his initial mark in the world of football.

The Real Madrid Era

In 2005, Sergio Ramos transferred to Real Madrid, a move that marked a significant chapter in his career. During his time at Real Madrid, he established himself as one of the most formidable defenders in the history of the sport. He achieved numerous accolades and triumphs at the club.

A Stint with Paris Saint Germain

Following his illustrious tenure at Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos joined Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Although he contributed to the team’s success in securing two consecutive French Ligue 1 titles, his time at PSG did not unfold as expected.

Return to Sevilla

After the 2022-2023 season, Sergio Ramos found himself without a club as his contract with PSG was not renewed. Months of uncertainty followed until he made the heartfelt decision to return to Sevilla on a season-long deal.

Champions League Ambition

Speaking to the press ahead of Sevilla’s Champions League match against Arsenal, Sergio Ramos expressed his motivation for returning to the club. The prospect of playing in the prestigious Champions League was a significant factor in his decision.

An Emotional Debt to Sevilla

Ramos openly acknowledged his debt to Sevilla, the club where he initially achieved success and recognition. He described it as a debt he owed to the club where he first triumphed in his football career.

Recent Performance and Injury

Since his return to Sevilla on September 4, 2023, Sergio Ramos has participated in seven games and even provided an assist. However, he is currently sidelined due to a hamstring injury, which caused him to miss Sevilla’s recent Champions League match against Arsenal.

Uncertain Return

Ramos expressed hope for a swift recovery, stating that it’s a minor injury. He aspires to be fit for the upcoming match but remains uncertain whether he will be ready in time.

Sevilla’s Champions League Campaign

Sevilla is still in search of their first Champions League victory in the current campaign. They currently occupy the third spot in the group, trailing the group leaders, Arsenal, by four points. Arsenal has amassed six points from four games.

Sergio Ramos’ return to Sevilla has been marked by both sentimental attachment and a desire to contribute to the club’s success in prestigious competitions like the Champions League.