Mr Real Spills the Beans, Explains Why He Rejected Davido’s Offer for ‘Legbegbe’ Video

Mr Real Spills the Beans, Explains Why He Rejected Davido’s Offer for ‘Legbegbe’ Video

Mr Real’s Revelation on Podcast:

Nigerian singer Victor Okafor Uchenna, popularly known as Mr Real, recently made a surprising revelation during an episode of the Terms and Conditions podcast.

He shared the story of turning down an offer from Davido to fund the video shoot for his hit song, ‘Legbegbe.’

Idowest’s Alleged Betrayal:

In the podcast, Mr Real pointed to his colleague, Idowest, as a key player in the decision to reject Davido’s offer. According to Mr Real, Idowest had allegedly fabricated stories about him to Davido’s DMW crew, leading to a breakdown in trust.

Refusing Davido’s Generous Offer:

Despite the generosity of Davido’s offer to fund the ‘Legbegbe’ video, Mr Real explained that he couldn’t accept it due to the revelations he uncovered about Idowest.

The artist expressed how the discovery influenced his decision, highlighting the importance of trust and authenticity in the music industry.

Uncovering the Green Snake:

Mr Real vividly described his realization that there was a “green snake” in the grass, a metaphor for deceit or betrayal. The artist sensed that accepting Davido’s offer might have been a part of a larger scheme to manipulate or control his career, and he opted to maintain his independence.

Street Smart Decision:

Describing himself as a “soji guy” (a street-smart individual), Mr Real emphasized that he needed to protect his street credibility. Rejecting Davido’s offer was not a refusal of support but a strategic move to preserve his authenticity and avoid potential pitfalls in the industry.

Navigating the Music Industry Politics:

The incident sheds light on the complex dynamics and politics within the Nigerian music industry. Artists must navigate relationships, alliances, and potential betrayals, as showcased by Mr Real’s experience. The podcast confession offers a glimpse into the challenges faced by musicians beyond the spotlight.

Idowest and Obadice’s Role in the Story:

Mr Real further revealed that Idowest and Obadice approached him with the news of Davido’s interest in funding the ‘Legbegbe’ video.

However, their involvement took an unexpected turn, unveiling a layer of deception that influenced Mr Real’s decision-making process.

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