Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Hiding of $1.7M Mansion Issues

Legal Troubles for Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim

Advertising mogul Philip Berardi files a lawsuit against Selling Sunset star Jason Oppenheim, alleging deliberate concealment of significant defects in a $5 million Los Angeles mansion sold to him in February 2023.

The legal action claims Oppenheim was aware of the home’s issues and breached contractual obligations.

Accusations of Fraud and Concealment

Oppenheim, known for his real estate brokerage The Oppenheim Group featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, faces accusations of ‘fraud and concealment,’ with claims of ‘intentional misrepresentations’ concerning the home’s condition.

Berardi demands substantial damages, pointing out the alleged problems and breaches by Oppenheim and associated parties.

Mansion’s Hidden Problems Unveiled

Berardi’s court filing reveals details of the alleged hidden issues: a leaking roof, water damage, mold, fungus, termite infestations, and deliberate attempts to cover up these problems.

The lawsuit claims extensive financial burdens amounting to $1.7 million in estimated repairs, a fraction of the damages pursued by Berardi.

Alleged Cover-Ups and Deceptive Practices

The lawsuit outlines deliberate actions taken to conceal the property’s defects, including hiding water leaks, concealing previous issues, and not disclosing essential problems with the roof, decks, plumbing, and other areas.

It accuses multiple parties, including the sellers, real estate firms, and inspection companies.

Severe Impact and Legal Pursuits

Berardi’s attorney emphasizes California’s legal requirement of full disclosure in property sales, citing evidence of deliberate concealment and attempts to avoid fixing issues before the sale.

Berardi seeks damages, including punitive measures, in a demand for justice over the severe financial and emotional impact caused by the alleged concealment.

Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim and Future Ventures

While embroiled in the legal battle, Oppenheim continues with real estate ventures, boasting upcoming luxury listings above $30 million.

He acknowledges the impact of Selling Sunset on attracting buyers and sellers to his brokerage, asserting the show’s role in expanding the Oppenheim Group’s luxury market reach.

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