Seen here are three individuals who perished when their 4×4 vehicle was ‘carried away’ while attempting to cross the River Esk.

Seen here are three individuals who perished when their 4×4 vehicle was ‘carried away’ while attempting to cross the River Esk.

Tragic Drowning Incident at River Esk Ford

Three individuals met a tragic fate while attempting to cross the swollen River Esk at Glaisdale.

Scott Thomas Daddy, Leslie Forbes, and Kenneth Patrick Hibbins lost their lives after their 4×4 vehicle was swept away and submerged in the river.

Their families expressed profound grief, remembering them as loving individuals dearly missed by their loved ones.

History of the Troublesome Ford

This incident at the River Esk marks a distressing recurrence as a similar near-tragedy occurred in January 2021.

Reports indicate that these men were part of a group of thrill-seekers, navigating dangerous river fords.

Despite warnings and the ford’s unsuitability for motor vehicles, the allure of excitement seemed to override caution.

Locals’ Concerns and Insights

Residents living near the ford had repeatedly cautioned against such attempts, emphasizing the perilous nature of the ford’s layout.

The particular turn required to ascend the opposite bank seemed to catch the drivers off guard, leading to the vehicle’s descent into the strong river current.

Eyewitness Testimonies and Warnings

Eyewitnesses recounted the devastating moments leading to the tragedy, expressing regret for not intervening and stopping the ill-fated attempt.

The residents, accustomed to witnessing these risky maneuvers, had tried to caution and warn these drivers in the past, to no avail.

Environmental Factors and Warnings

Factors like overnight rainfall altering the river’s conditions, including the removal of a large tree blocking the ford, contributed to the heightened danger.

The rapid fluctuation in the river’s water level posed an insurmountable challenge, making the crossing not just risky but nearly impossible.

Community Response and Calls for Action

Local community members and authorities responded swiftly to the incident, attempting rescue operations amidst the chaos.

Now, calls for better safety measures and enhanced warning signs at such perilous crossings echo throughout the community and in the halls of authority.

Yet, despite this tragic loss of life, the allure of such risky endeavors seems to persist, leaving a poignant reminder of the dangers involved.

Police Caution and Safety Advice

Authorities reiterated the hazardous conditions caused by Storm Gerrit and urged caution when navigating flooded areas.

The tragedy near Glaisdale served as a grim reminder of the risks involved in driving through flooded regions, emphasizing the need for extreme caution and reconsideration of travel plans during such adverse conditions.

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