Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy identifies as a Nigerian hailing from the Ewe community within the Oyo Kingdom.

Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy identifies as a Nigerian hailing from the Ewe community within the Oyo Kingdom.

Revealing Ancestral Origins

Ghanaian music sensation, Stonebwoy, renowned for his Afro Pop and Dancehall tunes, recently shared a revelation about his heritage. In a conversation with the well-known Nigerian influencer, Ola Of Lagos, Stonebwoy unveiled a significant aspect of his lineage.

Nigerian Roots and Tribal Affiliation

During this interaction, Stonebwoy openly acknowledged his Nigerian descent, shedding light on his ancestral connections. He identified himself as a member of the Ewe tribe, specifically tracing his roots back to the esteemed Oyo Kingdom in Nigeria. Emphasizing the migration of his forebears from the southern part of Nigeria, Stonebwoy highlighted their eventual settlement in Ghana.

Tracing Ancestral Migration

In recounting his family’s history, Stonebwoy articulated the journey of his ancestors, detailing their migration path from Nigeria to Ghana. His acknowledgment of being of Nigerian descent, particularly from the Oyo Kingdom, showcases a profound connection to his lineage and heritage.


Ancestral Heritage

Stonebwoy, the celebrated Afrobeat and dancehall musician from Ghana, shared insights into his ancestry. He proudly declared his connection to Nigeria, specifically the Niger area, dispelling any doubt about his origins. He identified himself as part of the Ewe ethnic group, originating from the Oyo Kingdom in Nigeria. His lineage traced back to a migration from Nigeria to Ghana, ultimately leading to Illesha, a significant reference point in his heritage.

Cultural Connections

In his acknowledgment, Stonebwoy extended greetings and recognition to his people in the southern region of Nigeria. He emphasized the cultural ties between the Ewe tribe and the Yoruba people. Expressing a sense of unity and shared history, he highlighted the direct connection that the Ewe culture maintains with the Yoruba heritage.

Personal Identity

Stonebwoy’s words underscore the importance of understanding his roots and ancestral lineage. They reflect a deep sense of pride and belonging, emphasizing the cultural interconnectedness between Ghana and Nigeria. Through his statement, he sheds light on the intricate tapestry of cultural exchanges and historical migrations that have shaped his identity as an artist and individual.

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