Security Expert Urges Coordinated Action against Bandits instead of Negotiations

Security Expert Urges Coordinated Action against Bandits instead of Negotiations

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. In response to calls for President Tinubu to negotiate with bandits, Mustapha Inuwa, the former Secretary to the Government of Katsina State and Chairman of the Amnesty Programme designed to end banditry, argues that such negotiations would be futile.


He highlights the bandits’ reluctance to abandon their illicit activities due to the high profits generated from kidnappings.

Dr. Inuwa suggests that force may be the only effective approach to deal with the bandits and urges security agencies and governors of affected states to collaborate in confronting this issue.

The Failure of Previous Negotiations:

Dr. Inuwa explains that previous attempts to negotiate with bandits from 2017 to 2019 were unsuccessful.


The bandits’ lack of sincerity and disorganized nature thwarted the non-kinetic approach that was initially pursued.

Unlike ideologically-driven groups with common leaders, bandits comprise various rival and emerging factions, making negotiations impractical.

Moreover, their criminal activities, especially kidnapping, provide substantial financial incentives, rendering any alternative legitimate work unattractive in comparison.

The Illusion of Negotiating:

The former Secretary expresses concerns about any notion of negotiating with bandits, particularly considering the atrocities they have committed in affected states and across Nigeria.

He warns against the potential consequences of offering concessions, as the money given to them during previous negotiations was used to acquire more arms, escalating their criminal activities.


Dr. Inuwa firmly advises against President Tinubu and his team, including the National Security Advisor, Ribadu, making the mistake of engaging in negotiations.

The Need for Coordinated Action:

Instead of futile negotiations, Dr. Inuwa proposes a sustained, multi-faceted approach involving all security agencies and affected states to confront the bandits effectively.

He points out that the bandits are predominantly local Fulani, known by their parents and not as highly trained as perceived.

The accessibility of the region allows for local intelligence and coordinated ground and air operations.

Cooperation with neighboring countries, like Niger Republic, can be beneficial in this endeavor.


Governors’ Role in Strengthening Security Operations:

Dr. Inuwa emphasizes the importance of the Governors from various states taking a unified stance on measures that can undermine the strength of the bandits.

Implementing decisions such as banning the use of motorcycles and buying fuel in jerricans in affected areas can hamper the bandits’ activities.

The collaboration between state governments and military efforts will bolster the overall effectiveness of the operation.

The Ingrained Bandit Culture:

The former Secretary highlights the historical roots of banditry in the region dating back to the colonial period.

He argues that banditry has become deeply ingrained in the culture of these people, making voluntary abandonment of their criminal ways unlikely.


Dr. Inuwa reiterates that forceful action is necessary to bring the bandits to their knees before any consideration of amnesty or negotiation can be entertained.


Mustapha Inuwa’s perspective on negotiating with bandits highlights the complexities of dealing with this criminal threat.

He emphasizes the need for a coordinated and forceful approach to tackle the issue effectively, considering the bandits’ deep-rooted criminality and disorganized structure.

To protect the people from ongoing atrocities, he urges a united effort among security agencies and state governments, while discouraging any premature considerations of negotiation or amnesty.

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