Scottish First Minister Provides Update on In-Laws Trapped in Gaza

On Saturday, Mr. Yousaf stated that due to a communication failure, they hadn’t spoken since the day before.

According to Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf, his in-laws who are imprisoned in Gaza are still alive but are out of clean drinking water.

Israel escalated its military campaign today, hitting Hamas-ruled Gaza with more air and ground strikes.

Overnight, the IDF increased the number of troops fighting inside the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday, Mr. Yousaf stated that he and his spouse, Nadia-El Nakla, had lost contact with her parents the day before due to a communication failure and they were uncertain about their whereabouts.

Before the fighting, Elizabeth and Maged, the parents of Ms. El-Nakla, came from Scotland to Gaza to visit relatives.

On Sunday, Mr. Yousaf shared a more upbeat update on X, the previous Twitter platform: “We heard from my in-laws in Gaza this morning, they are alive, thank God.”

But their supply of pure drinking water is now exhausted.

The UN resolution needs to be put into action.

Both the cessation of the violence and the prompt delivery of substantial supplies of relief are important.

Prior to this, the First Minister wrote to every political figure in the United Kingdom, pleading with them to support a truce in Gaza.

He acknowledged that Israel has the right to self-defense in the wake of the October 7 Hamas attacks in a letter that is believed to have been sent on Thursday night.

However, he also stated that immediate action is required to avert the “cataclysmic” humanitarian catastrophe that is developing in Gaza.

In an attempt to learn more about her family, Mr. Yousaf stated on Saturday that he and his wife, Nadia El-Nakla, are “desperately worried” and that she is “numb.”

Israel has nearly shut off communication and imposed a blackout of information as it has increased its bombardment of Gaza and continues to expand its ground operation.

We haven’t heard from them since the ferocity of the attack last night, so you can imagine how extremely concerned we are.

To be honest, we don’t even know whether they are still alive, Mr. Yousaf told BBC Scotland.

And it is the reality that not only affects us, but also a great number of individuals worldwide who have been hit by shelling for the past three weeks and have not received word from loved ones who are stranded in Gaza.

To be honest, my wife is numb.

I’m doing my hardest to give her some hope, and we’re trying everything to keep ourselves occupied by phoning as many relatives and phone numbers as we can in Gaza, but so far we’ve had no luck.Of course it’s having an effect, and not only on my wife.

This morning, I heard my four-year-old daughter pretending to call her grandmother and inquiring about her expected return time.

The First Minister urged an immediate cessation of hostilities once more.

“We need a ceasefire and we need one now,” stated Mr. Yousaf, “even though it is a very difficult situation for us personally.”

He continued, “My thoughts are very much with the innocent men, women, and children in Gaza who have been collectively punished intensely over the last few weeks for a crime that they did not commit.”

Mr. Yousaf has updated social media and persisted in calling for a ceasefire in the war-torn nation, informing his followers that the innocent are his top priority.

‘I’m afraid we have not heard from my in-laws,’ he stated in a post on X update.

All the innocent individuals who are suffering because of a crime they did not commit bother me.

“I don’t know how you sleep at night if you didn’t vote for peace when children are dying.”

He used the hashtag #CeaserfireNow to wrap up the message.

Using social media on Friday night, Mr. Yousaf claimed that the area’s communications had been shut off, making it impossible to ascertain the whereabouts of Madia El-Nakla’s parents or other family members.

Local telecom companies confirmed this claim, stating that all internet and mobile service had been lost during the intense bombing of the Gaza Strip.

For weeks now, Israel has been warning of an impending ground offensive following Hamas’s horrific surprise attack on Israeli territory on October 7.

“Gaza is under intense bombing,” Mr. Yousaf wrote on Friday in a post on X, the former Twitter.

There is a telecommunication outage.

Our family has been stranded in this combat zone for about three weeks, and we are unable to contact them.

We can only hope they make it through the night.

Before the world shouts “enough,” how many more children must perish?He disclosed earlier this week that his in-laws are unsure of “whether they will make it from one night to the next.”

He said on Monday that just six bottles of drinking water were left for the 100 individuals, including Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband Maged, who are the parents of Mr. Yousaf’s wife Nadia.

“My mother-in-law characterises their current circumstances as torture,” Mr. Yousaf stated.

“They don’t know whether they will survive from one night to the next; there will be missiles, rocket fire, and drones throughout the entire night.”

“She tells me that in a house of 100 people, including a two-month-old baby, they’re down to six bottles of clean drinking water.”

In what they called a “final” video message, Nadia’s parents had already expressed their concerns that they would not be able to withstand an IDF ground attack.

‘If accurate, and a ground incursion is about to occur, it’d be unimaginable for the doors of the UK Parliament to remain locked,’ tweeted Mr. Yousaf’s SNP Westminster leader as word spread of the alleged offensive.

A recall would have to occur in order to push for a ceasefire since UK citizens are stuck in Gaza and there could be significant regional and global repercussions.

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