Tragedy Strikes: 14-Year-Old Opens Fire in Thai Shopping Mall, Killing Three


A 14-year-old schoolboy has been arrested in Thailand after opening fire with a Glock 19 handgun in the Siam Paragon shopping mall in central Bangkok, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least three individuals.

This article recounts the horrifying incident that unfolded in the heart of the Thai capital.

The Mall Shooting

Shortly after 4pm local time, gunshots rang out inside the Siam Paragon building, causing panic among shoppers.

At least four injured individuals were seen being carried out of the mall, while police confirmed the loss of three lives in the incident.

Shoppers in Panic

Terrified shoppers inside the mall, including children, were observed fleeing in panic as reports of more than ten gunshot-like noises circulated.

Videos shared on social media captured the chaotic scenes as security guards guided people to safety.

Police Intervention

A special dispatch team swiftly responded to the scene, pursuing the young shooter.

He was eventually cornered and apprehended at the nearby Siam Kempinski Hotel shortly after 5pm. The assailant surrendered without resistance.

Uncertainty and Fear

Videos circulating online showed people seeking refuge in darkened rooms within the mall, highlighting the prevailing fear and uncertainty during the incident.

The authenticity of these videos remains unverified.

Transit Stop Closure

As the evening rush hour began and heavy rain added to the turmoil, officials closed a major transit stop in the vicinity of the mall.

Sirens blared as first responders rushed to the scene.

Eyewitness Accounts

Witnesses described scenes of chaos as crowds fled the shopping center, a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

An alarmed Chinese tourist, Liu Shiying, recounted the moment she heard gunshots and described the mall’s alarm and lights going out.

Government Response

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, expressed his concern and stated that he awaited further details of the incident.

The national police chief was dispatched to oversee the situation.

History of Gun Violence

The shooting incident comes just days before the one-year anniversary of a horrific attack in Thailand when an ex-police officer armed with a knife and gun targeted a nursery, resulting in the tragic loss of numerous lives.

Thailand has grappled with a history of firearm incidents, including a 2020 shopping mall rampage that claimed 29 lives.

Ongoing Developments

This is a breaking news story, and further updates are expected as authorities investigate the incident and its circumstances.

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