SASSA Grants Collection – February 2024 Payment Schedule and Card Updates

SASSA Grants Collection – February 2024 Payment Schedule and Card Updates

As we step into February 2024, it’s essential to be aware of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant payment schedule for the month.

SASSA has recently released the payment timetable for the ongoing financial year, providing clarity on when beneficiaries can collect their social grants.

Payment Schedule Overview:

SASSA’s payment schedule for the rest of the year follows a structured approach.

The first week of each month prioritizes payments for elderly, child, and disability grants.

Subsequently, Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant recipients and other grant beneficiaries receive their payments.

It’s noteworthy that SRD recipients have a different collection arrangement.

February Payment Dates:

For February 2024, the specific payment dates are as follows:

Older Person Grants: 2 February 2024

Disability Grants: 5 February 2024

Children’s Grants: 6 February 2024

Highlighting the February payment dates ensures that recipients can plan accordingly for the collection of their grants.

SASSA Gold Cards Update:

In a recent development, State grant recipients using SASSA gold cards provided by the agency are advised to continue using these cards for transactions until further notice.

Initially, there was an advisory to renew these cards before 31 December, but the expiry date no longer applies.

The validity of SASSA gold cards has been extended, allowing beneficiaries to continue using them without the need for replacement.

The update on SASSA gold cards addresses concerns about card expiration, providing relief to beneficiaries and emphasizing the convenience of continuity.

Recipient’s Payment Channel Choice:

Beneficiaries are reminded that they have the freedom to choose their preferred payment channel.

While the SASSA gold cards can be used at any ATM and machines, recipients have the option to visit SASSA offices to change their payment method, enabling them to receive funds at their personal banks.

Empowering recipients with the choice of payment channels emphasizes SASSA’s commitment to providing flexibility and convenience.

Contact Information and Queries:

Recipients are encouraged to reach out to SASSA directly for any queries.

Contact details include the Toll-Free Call Centre (0800 60 10 11), SASSA Head Office (012 400 2322), and email (

Additionally, SASSA offices across the country are available for in-person assistance.

Providing contact information underscores SASSA’s commitment to transparent communication and support for grant recipients.


As we navigate through February 2024, staying informed about the SASSA grant payment schedule and updates on SASSA gold cards ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for beneficiaries.

SASSA remains dedicated to facilitating the grant collection process and addressing beneficiary needs.