SASSA Announces July 2023 Social Grant Payment Dates, Prioritizing Timely Distribution

SASSA Announces July 2023 Social Grant Payment Dates, Prioritizing Timely Distribution

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has released the payment dates for social grants in July 2023, prioritizing the timely distribution of funds to beneficiaries.


Changes to Payment Schedule Based on Beneficiary Feedback

Previously, SASSA grants were disbursed later in the month.

However, after receiving complaints from beneficiaries, the agency decided to initiate payments on the second day of the month or the nearest working day.

Order of Payment for Different Grant Types

Pension grants (older person grant) will be the first to be paid out, followed by disability grants and children’s grants.


Subsequently, all other SASSA grants, including the R350 SRD grant (Social Relief of Distress), will be distributed.

It is important to note that the R350 SRD grant no longer has a fixed payment date.

Specific Payment Dates for July 2023

The payment dates for different grant types in July 2023 are as follows:
– Older persons: Monday, 3 July
– Disability grant: Tuesday, 4 July
– Children’s grant: Wednesday, 5 July
– All other SASSA grants, including the R350 grant, will be paid out from Wednesday, 5 July.

Options for Withdrawing the Funds

Beneficiaries can collect their funds on or after the designated payment date.

“Normal grants,” excluding the R350 grant, can still be collected from the post office.


However, all grants can also be withdrawn from ATMs or selected retail partners such as Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer, and Shoprite U-Save.

Beneficiaries may also choose to have the money deposited directly into their personal bank accounts, as SASSA considers direct bank deposits the most convenient payment method.


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