Sam Thompson’s Health Scare: Zara McDermott Interrupts Strictly Training

Zara McDermott’s Doctor Visit

Zara McDermott, known for her appearances on reality shows like Love Island and Made in Chelsea, found herself leaving rehearsals for the TV show Strictly Come Dancing early.

However, this departure wasn’t due to any personal health concerns.

Zara, aged 26, is currently in the midst of rehearsals as she advanced to Week 6 of the popular BBC dancing competition.

Alongside her dance partner Graziano di Prima, the pair successfully avoided elimination, despite facing a close call against BBC radio host Nikita Kanda.

This opening paragraph sets the stage by explaining why Zara McDermott had to step out of her Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals.

It provides context about her involvement in the competition and her partner while hinting at the reason for her departure.

Concern for Her Boyfriend

The reason for Zara’s early exit from rehearsals was to accompany her boyfriend, Sam Thompson, to a medical appointment with a general practitioner (GP).

Sam expressed concerns about his health, particularly severe kidney pain.

He initially joked about dragging his friend Pete Wicks to the doctor’s office for moral support, even though Pete was skeptical about any serious issue.

Supportive Friendship

During a conversation on their podcast, “Staying Relevant,” with fellow reality TV star Pete Wicks from TOWIE, Sam expressed his gratitude for Pete’s support.

He described Pete as the best friend who came to his aid when he thought he was facing a life-threatening situation.

In Pete’s characteristically deadpan manner, he remarked on the situation despite knowing there wasn’t a serious health issue.

Zara’s Sacrifice for Sam

The revelation that stands out in this situation is that Sam had asked Zara to leave her Strictly Come Dancing training early to accompany him to the doctor’s appointment.

At the time, Sam believed he might be dealing with kidney disease and wanted a diagnosis promptly, which led to Zara’s early departure from her professional commitments.

Humorous Twist

Sam added a humorous twist to the situation, sharing that he had made Zara leave her Strictly Come Dancing training early, only for the doctor to confirm that he was, in fact, fine.

This revelation led to moments of laughter, despite the challenging circumstances.

Gratitude and Reflection

In the podcast, Sam expressed his appreciation for the unwavering support of both Zara and Pete during a difficult week, emphasizing his love for his girlfriend and best friend.

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