Sadiq Khan Backs Diane Abbott’s Return to Labour Amid Tory Donor Controversy: London Mayor Supports Reinstatement in Light of ‘Shoot’ Comments

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has publicly voiced his support for Diane Abbott’s reinstatement into the Labour Party, joining a growing chorus of senior Labour figures amid controversy sparked by alleged threats made against the MP by a prominent Tory donor.

Support Amidst Controversy

Khan’s endorsement of Abbott comes in the wake of revelations that top Tory donor Frank Hester made alarming remarks suggesting violence against the black MP, reigniting discussions surrounding her suspension from the Labour Party over alleged anti-Semitic comments.

Backing Abbott’s Record

During the launch of his re-election campaign, Khan lauded Abbott’s longstanding advocacy for racial and social justice, portraying her as a significant figure in the fight against discrimination and inequality.

Cautious Approach

Despite expressing his personal support for Abbott’s return to the party, Khan refrained from making definitive statements, acknowledging the need to avoid influencing ongoing complaints processes. He emphasized his partiality in the matter, suggesting his personal views might hinder impartial decision-making.

Equalities Minister Defends Government’s Response

Meanwhile, Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch defended the government’s handling of the controversy surrounding Frank Hester’s remarks, dismissing continued media attention as “pure media bubble speculation.”

Badenoch asserted that the government’s focus remains on substantive issues, downplaying the significance of the ongoing narrative surrounding Hester’s comments.

Disagreement Over Media Focus

Responding to criticism regarding the government’s response to the controversy, Badenoch emphasized the importance of prioritizing substantive governmental work over media-driven narratives.

She underscored the need for a balanced approach to addressing issues of public concern while refuting allegations of the government merely following media directives.

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