Ruth Langsford Takes Break from Loose Women Amid Painful Split from Eamonn Holmes

Ruth Langsford Takes Break from Loose Women Amid Painful Split from Eamonn Holmes

Ruth Langsford, 64, is reportedly taking a break from her role on Loose Women following her painful split from husband Eamonn Holmes, also 64.

The couple, who announced their plans to divorce last week after 14 years of marriage and 27 years together, have left fans and friends shocked by the sudden news.

Emotional Fallout: Ruth’s Hurt and Eamonn’s New Friendship

The emotional fallout from the split has been significant for Ruth. Friends reveal she was deeply hurt upon discovering that Eamonn is being consoled by a woman in her forties, with whom he has reportedly struck up a close friendship.

This woman, a blonde divorcée and relationship counsellor, has been spending time with Eamonn amid the couple’s separation.

Ruth’s Extended Leave

In light of these developments, Ruth has decided to extend her leave from Loose Women for the rest of June, planning to return to the ITV show in July.

A friend shared with The Mirror, “Ruth was hurt when she learned about Eamonn’s friendship with another woman, but she is strong and will be back soon with a smile on her face, putting her best foot forward, as she always does.”

No Reconciliation on the Horizon

Close friends of Ruth have reportedly insisted there is “no chance” she will reunite with Eamonn. The revelation of Eamonn’s growing closeness with the younger woman, who he has taken on various outings, has only solidified Ruth’s resolve.

Reports claim that Eamonn and this woman, who met through social media while involved with a mental health charity, have enjoyed trips to a safari park, a Manchester United game, and even a Beyoncé concert.

Eamonn’s New Companion

Eamonn’s new companion has been described as someone who provides him with much-needed emotional support during this tumultuous time.

Despite the pair’s closeness, sources emphasize that she is not the reason for the marriage breakdown. Instead, Eamonn and Ruth’s demanding work schedules reportedly took their marriage in different directions.

Ruth’s Official Statement and Plans

A spokesperson for Ruth stated, “Ruth had holiday time booked from Loose Women and has extended her leave.

She’s looking forward to returning to the show in due course.” While Ruth will not be appearing on Loose Women this week, she is determined to come back with renewed energy and focus in July.

Public Reaction and Speculation

The public and media have been abuzz with speculation since the couple announced their split. Ruth’s friends have spoken out, saying, “Ruth was obviously aware that her marriage was crumbling, but as details emerge, her upset has turned to anger.”

This sentiment is understandable given the circumstances and the revelations about Eamonn’s new friendship.

Conclusion: Moving Forward

As Ruth takes the time she needs to regroup and heal, her fans and colleagues at Loose Women eagerly await her return.

Her strength and resilience in the face of personal turmoil are commendable, and she is expected to come back to the show with her characteristic grace and professionalism.

Eamonn, on the other hand, continues to navigate his new reality, supported by his close friend.

As the couple moves forward separately, the public remains supportive and hopeful for their individual futures.

MailOnline has reached out to Eamonn’s representatives for further comment, but the broadcaster has yet to make an official statement regarding his new friendship and the ongoing divorce proceedings.

For now, both Ruth and Eamonn are focused on their respective paths, aiming to find peace and happiness in the next chapters of their lives.