Ex-PA Accuses Russell Brand of Sharing Explicit Photos: A Disturbing Revelation

Ex-PA Accuses Russell Brand of Sharing Explicit Photos: A Disturbing Revelation

Disturbing Allegations by Russell Brand’s Ex-PA

Helen Berger, a former personal assistant to comedian Russell Brand, has made shocking claims about her time working with him.

As part of an investigation into Brand’s behavior, Berger alleges that Brand showed her explicit photos of women, leaving her feeling profoundly disturbed.

Inappropriate Photo Sharing Incident

During her employment from 2006 to 2007, Helen Berger recalls an incident at a bar in Edinburgh where Brand allegedly displayed intimate images of women to her and his entourage.

This experience left her deeply unsettled.

Recognizing Someone Familiar

The situation took a distressing turn for Berger when she recognized a person she knew among the images.

She described feeling sick to her stomach and experiencing shame on behalf of the women in the photos. These women, she emphasized, had not consented to having their photos shown to others.

Perceptions of Brand

Berger paints a troubling picture of Russell Brand, referring to him as a ‘narcissist’ whose favorite topic of conversation was himself.

She also noted that he often appeared in his underwear when around her.

Initial Excitement Turns to Concern

Helen Berger initially felt excited to work with Russell Brand, especially during a period when he was highly active in comedy, writing, and media.

However, as she reflected on her experience, she realized that some of his behaviors, such as being in his underwear around her, would not be acceptable to her today.

Claims of Sex Addiction Berger also mentioned Brand’s alleged ‘sex addiction,’ asserting that he was insatiable in his pursuit of women.

She claimed that he asked her to collect phone numbers of female audience members at his shows.

Normalization of Behavior

In recounting the incident at the Edinburgh festival, Berger described how Brand showed explicit photos of women to her and others.

She emphasized that, at the time, this behavior seemed normalized, with everyone laughing at the photos.

Recognizing Someone She Knew The turning point for Berger came when she recognized a woman she knew in one of the photos. This discovery made her feel sick and brought on a sense of shame.

No Concerns About Consent

Despite these revelations, Berger stated that she never had concerns about the consent of Brand’s encounters with women. She believed that the women willingly entered his bedroom and did not perceive him as someone capable of sexual assault.

Ongoing Investigation and Denial

The allegations against Russell Brand are part of a broader investigation by The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

Multiple women have accused him of abusive and predatory behavior, including rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse, spanning from 2006 to 2013.

Brand has vehemently denied these allegations, emphasizing that his relationships were consensual.

Police Involvement

The Metropolitan Police has announced its intention to speak with the media outlets involved in the investigation.

However, as of now, the force has not received any reports related to the allegations of sexual assault outlined in the article or documentary film.

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