Ruger, the Nigerian Afrobeats Star, Takes a Surprising Stance on Kenyan Impersonator

Ruger, the Nigerian Afrobeats Star, Takes a Surprising Stance on Kenyan Impersonator

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Ruger, has recently shed light on his perspective regarding a Kenyan impersonator who has been mimicking his style.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ruger openly expressed that he harbors no ill will towards the individual in question, despite the mimicry.

A Deceptive Doppelganger

This imitator, who goes by the aliases Aston Kenya or Ruger wa Kayole, has been performing Ruger’s songs and emulating his attire and accessories.

Ruger, however, appears unfazed by this act of imitation, viewing it as a clever scheme employed by the impersonator to generate income.

Imitation as Flattery

Ruger even goes a step further by suggesting that the impersonator is inadvertently assisting in the promotion of his music.

In his own words during the interview, Ruger stated, “He’s just trying to hustle, he’s actually promoting my songs.”

It’s a surprising perspective, one that diverges from the typical response to such situations.

Legal Warnings and Ruger’s Surprising Decision

Despite being cautioned by numerous Kenyan voices about potential legal consequences, Ruger seems resolute in his decision not to pursue legal action against Aston Kenya.

It’s a stance that has raised eyebrows and sparked a wave of opinions from the public.

Diverse Reactions

The reactions to Ruger’s lenient stance have been anything but uniform.

Some have criticized him for not taking a stronger stance against the impersonator, emphasizing the need to protect intellectual property rights.

On the flip side, Ruger has garnered praise from those who view his approach as a display of solidarity and support for fellow artists.

The Uncertain Fate of the Impersonator

The future actions of Aston Kenya, the Kenyan impersonator, are now shrouded in uncertainty.

Whether he will continue impersonating Ruger or reconsider his path remains to be seen.

What’s undeniable, however, is that Ruger’s unexpected response has ignited considerable discussion within the music community and among fans.

This discussion could potentially have far-reaching consequences for the impersonator known as the “fake Ruger.”

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