Nigerian Artist Ruger Reveals Face, Puts End to Eye Condition Rumors

Nigerian Artist Ruger Reveals Face, Puts End to Eye Condition Rumors


Nigerian artist Michael Adebayo Olayinka, known as “Ruger,” has recently unveiled his face, dispelling speculations about his eye condition.

This revelation has ignited discussions across social media platforms, as fans and followers celebrate his courage and authenticity.

Ruger’s openness serves as an inspiring example, encouraging others to embrace their true selves without fear of judgment.

The Talented Musician and His Eyepatch

Ruger, a talented musician signed under the prestigious Jonzi Records label, hails from Kogi State.

In his various music videos and public appearances, he has been consistently seen wearing an eyepatch over his left eye.

This unique style choice had led to fans’ curiosity and speculations regarding a potential eye ailment.

Video Challenges Misconceptions

A recent video has emerged, challenging the prevailing misconceptions about Ruger’s eye condition.

In the footage, Ruger is seen sitting in a car beside two women, notably without his iconic eyepatch.

This unequivocally demonstrates that Ruger does not have any eye defect and possesses perfect vision in both eyes.

The video effectively dispels any false narratives that may have circulated about his eye condition.

The Return of the Eyepatch

While Ruger briefly appeared without his signature eyepatch, he eventually returned to wearing it.

This news has caused a sensation on the internet, with fans and admirers expressing their shock and newfound admiration for the singer’s unmasked appearance.

Ruger’s decision to reveal his face marks a significant moment in his career and personal journey, resonating with fans who appreciate his authenticity and fearlessness.

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