Rita Edochie Warns Yul Edochie’s Second Wife: A Closer Look at the Family Drama

Rita Edochie Warns Yul Edochie’s Second Wife: A Closer Look at the Family Drama

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Rita Edochie’s Warning to Judy Austin: Deception and Family Disapproval


Rita Edochie Exposes Deception

Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie, recently took to her Instagram page to issue a stern warning to Judy Austin, the second wife of Yul Edochie.

Rita cautioned Judy against deceiving people about her marital status and falsely claiming to be Pete Edochie’s daughter-in-law.


Shedding light on the situation, Rita revealed that Yul and his first wife, May, were living harmoniously until Judy entered the picture and allegedly caused a rift.

Deception and False Claims Unmasked

Rita Edochie firmly criticized Judy Austin for portraying herself as Pete Edochie’s daughter-in-law when he did not approve of her marriage to his son.

Rita urged Judy to stop misleading others by pretending to have a familial relationship with the Edochie family.

She also questioned whether anyone had bothered to uncover the truth behind the situation.


Forbidden Fruit and Disharmony

According to Rita, Judy played a disruptive role in Yul and May’s peaceful life.

She claimed that Judy had offered Yul a forbidden fruit, which he had succumbed to, leading to a tumultuous turn of events.

Rita’s statement hinted at a significant conflict between Yul, May, and Judy, which had evidently caused strife within the family.

Rita Edochie’s Igbo Cultural Question


In a separate post, Rita Edochie posed a thought-provoking question related to Igbo culture, indirectly referencing the disapproval faced by Judy Austin within the Edochie family.

Rita insinuated that when a man marries a woman and none of his relatives or kinsmen participate in the traditional marriage rituals, it carries a specific connotation in Igbo land.

Challenging Igbo Cultural Norms

Rita Edochie, seemingly aiming her question at Judy Austin, highlighted the absence of support from Yul Edochie’s family and community in the context of their marriage.

By emphasizing this cultural aspect, Rita underscored the perceived lack of acceptance and endorsement of Judy as Yul’s wife within the Igbo cultural framework.


Rita Edochie’s Endorsement of May Edochie

On Mother’s Day, Rita Edochie publicly expressed her support for May Edochie, Yul’s first wife, implying that any other woman claiming to be Yul’s wife is counterfeit.

This endorsement further solidified the notion that Rita sided with May and disapproved of Judy Austin’s involvement in Yul’s life.

May Edochie: The True Wife

Rita Edochie marked Mother’s Day by sharing a video collage of May Edochie and lavishing praise upon her as Yul’s only wife.


Through this gesture, Rita emphasized that May held the authentic position of being Yul’s wife, while any other claimant, presumably Judy Austin, was deemed illegitimate in Rita’s eyes.

In conclusion, Rita Edochie’s warnings and commentaries shed light on the alleged deception surrounding Judy Austin’s marital status and the disapproval she faced from Yul Edochie’s family.

Through her posts, Rita expressed support for May Edochie and questioned Judy’s role within the Igbo cultural context.


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