PM Rishi Sunak Affirms Support for Rwanda Asylum Scheme Amid Claims of Early Doubts

Initial Doubts and Current Support

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, has emphasized his endorsement of the Rwanda plan despite leaked documents indicating previous doubts about its effectiveness.

He’s facing criticism over the implementation and potential legal challenges surrounding the scheme.

Reports of Early Concerns

Leaked papers from March 2022 suggested Sunak was apprehensive about the efficacy and costs of the deportation agreement with Kigali.

However, Sunak clarified that questioning the scheme’s value for money doesn’t imply disbelief in its principle or effectiveness.

Legislative Attempts and Challenges

The Safety of Rwanda Bill, drafted by Sunak to bypass a Supreme Court ruling deeming the scheme unlawful, faces opposition within the Conservative Party. Concerns have been raised about its legal robustness to prevent future challenges.

Legal and Implementation Hurdles

Sunak’s refusal to confirm disregarding future European Court of Human Rights orders, termed Rule 39, has drawn criticism.

The planned deportation flight to Rwanda was halted previously by a Rule 39 order, indicating potential legal complexities.

Political Backlash and Demands for Transparency

Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs demand transparency, urging Sunak to release Downing Street papers supposedly indicating reservations about the Rwanda plan.

Opposition members accuse Sunak of pursuing ineffective policies to cater to party factions.

Sunak’s Defenses and Future Plans

Sunak defended his role as Chancellor, highlighting the necessity to scrutinize proposals without prejudgment while assuring compliance with international obligations.

Despite criticism, Sunak remains committed to making the Rwanda scheme a success.

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