Rishi Sunak Axes Braverman’s Tough Measures: Controversial Crackdown on Homelessness Scrapped

Sunak’s Bold Move: Braverman Sacked, Homelessness Plans Abandoned

In a significant political development, Rishi Sunak’s decision to remove Suella Braverman from the position of home secretary has led to a swift reversal of proposed measures targeting homelessness. Downing Street confirms the shelving of plans to fine charities distributing tents to rough sleepers and ban tent sleeping in urban areas.

Controversial Stance: Braverman’s Hardline Approach to Rough Sleeping

Suella Braverman’s ousting from Cabinet is traced back to the controversy surrounding her approach to rough sleeping.

The former home secretary faced criticism for characterizing homelessness as a “lifestyle choice” and advocating stringent measures against those living on the streets.

This stance appears to have played a significant role in Rishi Sunak’s decision to remove her from office.

Infuriating the Tory Right: New Conservatives Plan Fierce Intervention

The New Conservatives, a group aligned with the Tory Right, express fury over Suella Braverman’s removal and the perceived centrist shift under Prime Minister Sunak.

The group, led by Miriam Cates, Danny Kruger, and Sir John Hayes, is poised for a strong response to what they view as a departure from conservative principles.

Sunak’s Reshuffle: Cameron’s Return and Cabinet Promotions

Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle not only involved Braverman’s removal but also marked the return of David Cameron as Foreign Secretary and the elevation of some of Cameron’s former aides.

The reshuffle hints at broader changes within the government, raising questions about the ideological direction under Sunak’s leadership.

Government U-Turn: Plans to Combat Rough Sleeping Scrapped

Amid reports of a Cabinet rift over Braverman’s proposals, Downing Street confirms that no measures to combat rough sleeping will be included in the new Criminal Justice Bill.

This unexpected U-turn raises questions about the internal dynamics of the government and the influence of differing opinions within the Cabinet.

Tory Backlash: No Confidence Letters and New Conservatives’ Gathering

The aftermath of Suella Braverman’s sacking sees notable reactions within the Conservative Party. Former education minister Dame Andrea Jenkyns submits a no-confidence letter, while the New Conservatives group gathers in Westminster to strategize their response.

Tensions within the party, particularly on the Tory Right, come to the forefront as members express their displeasure with recent developments.

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