Rihanna’s pregnancy with A$AP Rocky: fans are convinced it’s a baby girl

The news of Rihanna’s pregnancy has swept the internet.
While posing next to her long-time lover A$AP Rocky, the artist and businesswoman conducted a shoot with US Weekly, revealing her already expanded tummy.
Rihanna is wearing a pink coat, which many have interpreted as an indication of the child’s gender.

Rihanna’s fans are convinced she gave them a sign

Over the last few days, the internet has been going crazy over the news that their favourite singer turned lingerie queen and makeup mogul is expecting a child.
They are so elated that they seem to have forgotten that Rihanna earlier denied being pregnant – meaning that she basically lied about expecting.
It appears all is forgiven and people have now resorted to guessing the gender of the little one. Because Riri was wearing a pink coat during the shoot when she revealed her pregnancy – many are absolutely convinced that she is expecting a baby girl.

While Riri has not yet mentioned the gender of the little one or shown any signs that she is expecting a girl or a boy, this appears to be the one thing many are sure of.
One fan wrote:

“Rihanna wore that pink on purpose. She’s having a girl.”

Another said:

“Why do I feel like the pink coat indicates that she’s having a mini her, just tell us you’re having a girl Riri”.

Meanwhile, someone else remarked that she told her fans without actually telling them by wearing the bright pink coat.

Rihanna and the baby: Drake is in his feelings

Ever since the news hit, there have been many jokes about Drake’s possible reaction to the news. It appears that people may have been spot on about the rapper being upset because he allegedly unfollowed the singer on Instagram.
The pair dated for a while a few years ago but were unable to make things work. Drake has clearly been emotionally affected by the pregnancy – and her fans cannot stop laughing.