Family Of The Girl Who Ran Mad After She Was Dropped By Yahoo Boys Claims Their Daughter Had Malaria

Earlier on Sunday morning, a female student from the University of Uyo, whose photo has been widely circulated in the media, became enraged after being dropped by a yahoo boy outside a rubbish bin along the new ring road in Uyo by UBOTEX U- TURN, according to sources.
The girl described herself as a student at the University of Uyo who resides near IKPA ROAD. People who knew her were quite concerned and alerted her relatives.
In a swift reactions her family members came out to defend her saying she is having malaria which affected her mental health and she is currently responding to treatment in the hospital now.
According to eye witnesses who saw when the girl was drop off, around the dust bin area told newsmen that the girl was seen drop off in an unidentified car which they said happens to be yahoo boys.
Immediately she stepped down from the The car she started exhibiting serious madness and ran to were the waste bin was and started picking things.
It was a very sad incident which was witness by people who jumped into conclusions areas saying that the girl has been used for ritual purposes already.
The girl was seen looking so sad and depressed and her family members were contacted already.
The girl is currently responding to treatment according to reports and her family have come out to say that their daughter has acute malaria and not madness.
With the high level of ritual killings and money rituals activities in the country no one will ever belive the girl was not mad after she was seen dropping off from a car which was not identifed.
Ladies just have to be very careful and beware of the people they keep as friends and the places the visit.