Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend Found Dead with Fatal Gunshot Wounds in San Antonio

Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend Found Dead with Fatal Gunshot Wounds in San Antonio

Discovery of a Tragic Incident

A distressing discovery in San Antonio unfolded when 18-year-old Savannah Soto, due to give birth, and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra, 22, were found dead in his car, both with fatal gunshot wounds to their heads.

Soto’s death has been declared a homicide following an autopsy by the Bexar County medical examiner.

Investigations into a Complex Scene

The circumstances surrounding their deaths remain puzzling, with Chief William McManus of the San Antonio Police describing the scene as perplexing.

Investigations into this possible murder are ongoing, highlighting the complexity of the case.

Troubling Details and Legal History

Reports suggest a troubled history between the couple. Soto had previously obtained a restraining order against Guerra after an assault incident on Christmas Day 2022, leading to Guerra facing charges of assault.

His parole violation and subsequent involvement in new felonies added to the legal complexity.

Family and Neighbor Testimonies

Neighbors recounted witnessing disturbing altercations, alleging regular abuse and violence within the relationship.

Despite documented instances of violence, Guerra’s mother contested accusations of her son’s abusive behavior, claiming he was not prone to violence.

Heartbreaking Loss and Legal Confrontation

Soto’s family expressed shock and disbelief at her disappearance, emphasizing her excitement about becoming a mother.

The family’s recent involvement in a courtroom altercation, related to the murder of Soto’s brother, Ethan Soto, added further tragedy to their already grieving circumstances.

Developing Investigation and Community Response

The discovery of Soto and Guerra’s tragic demise has prompted a comprehensive investigation, raising questions about the sequence of events leading to their deaths and the complexities within their relationship.

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