Renowned Actor Mr Ibu’s Daughter Appeals for Public Support Amid Health Crisis

Jasmine Chioma’s Plea for Prayers

Jasmine Chioma, the daughter of the renowned actor Mr Ibu, has taken to social media with a heartfelt plea, seeking the support and prayers of the public.

The post she shared has stirred concern and raised questions about her father’s well-being, sparking a renewed focus on his health.

Mr Ibu’s Ongoing Health Struggles

Mr Ibu had previously received donations from well-wishers following a public appeal by his family.

However, his health condition remains a cause for worry, and updates on his recovery have not been as optimistic as hoped.

Urgent Prayers Needed

Recently, an influencer known as Verydarkman provided an update on Mr Ibu’s health, emphasizing the urgent need for prayers.

He revealed that the actor’s situation has reached a critical stage, with minimal improvement despite the financial support received.

Consideration of Treatment Abroad

Verydarkman highlighted the importance of continued prayers, as Mr Ibu’s health continues to deteriorate.

He also suggested that seeking medical treatment abroad might offer better prospects for recovery, as Nigerian hospitals may lack the necessary equipment.

The Impact of Jasmine Chioma’s Update

Jasmine Chioma had previously shared that her father underwent two major surgeries in recent days.

Unfortunately, these surgeries did not result in significant improvements to his health.

Verydarkman’s update underscores the ongoing need for support and donations.

It reminds us that every contribution, regardless of its size, can play a vital role in Mr Ibu’s journey towards recovery.


Mr Ibu’s health struggles have garnered widespread attention, and the call for prayers and support from his daughter and influencers like Verydarkman reflects the deep concern for his well-being.

This situation serves as a reminder of the power of collective goodwill and the importance of continued efforts to aid those in need during challenging times.

The uncertainty surrounding Mr Ibu’s condition underscores the need for medical resources and quality healthcare to ensure that individuals facing health crises receive the best care possible.

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