Reno Omokri Compares Nigeria’s Prayers to Japan and China’s Prosperity, Urges Emphasis on Productivity

Reno Omokri Compares Nigeria’s Prayers to Japan and China’s Prosperity, Urges Emphasis on Productivity

Renowned Nigerian activist, Reno Omokri, has voiced his opinion on the reason behind Nigeria’s prevalent poverty despite the nation’s strong reliance on prayers.


He argues that the lack of prosperity in Nigeria can be attributed to a lack of hard work, as valuable time that could be dedicated to productivity is often spent in prayer.

Comparing Nigeria to non-Christian countries like Japan and China, Omokri points out their thriving economies, emphasizing the importance of diligent and smart work over prayers alone.

The Importance of Hard Work:

Omokri emphasizes that Japan and China serve as proof that success is not solely achieved through prayers.

He notes that even though Japan lacks natural resources and is smaller than some African nations in terms of mineral wealth, the country’s prosperity is attributed to its culture of hard and smart work.


Omokri cites Ephesians 4:28, which advocates working diligently to have the means to help those in need, and uses it to underline the significance of industriousness in achieving prosperity.

Japan and China as Role Models:

Drawing a comparison between Japan and China and African nations, Omokri stresses that while the former work diligently, Africa is often preoccupied with prayers.

Despite being non-Christian nations, Japan and China are among the largest individual donors to Africa, supporting development initiatives on the continent.

Omokri credits their prosperity to the principle of obedience to God’s commandments, such as working hard.

The Importance of Obedience:

Omokri highlights that God’s blessings are not solely bestowed upon those who believe in Him but rather upon those who obey His commands.


He argues that mere belief in God is not enough, as even demons believe in God. Instead, God rewards those who follow His instructions and work hard.

Therefore, if non-Christian nations like China and Japan can obey God’s principle of hard work, they will be blessed accordingly.


Reno Omokri’s critique of Nigeria’s approach to prosperity shines a spotlight on the nation’s heavy reliance on prayers and its potential detriment to progress.

He advocates for a shift towards the adoption of a strong work ethic, citing Japan and China as successful examples of non-Christian nations that have prospered due to hard work.

By stressing the importance of obedience to God’s commands and the necessity of diligent labor, Omokri encourages Nigerians to reevaluate their approach to achieving prosperity.


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