Relationship Expert Challenges Tuface’s Claim on Men’s Natural Inclination to Cheat

Relationship Expert Challenges Tuface’s Claim on Men’s Natural Inclination to Cheat

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Rejecting the Claim of Natural Cheating Tendencies:

Pastor and relationship expert, Kingsley Okonkwo, has strongly refuted the notion that a man can cheat on the woman he loves due to being naturally wired to do so.


This response comes after Afrobeats star Tuface made such a claim in a trailer for the reality show, Young, Famous and African.

Dismissing the Assertion:

Taking to Twitter, Okonkwo firmly disagreed with Tuface’s statement, stating that no man is inherently wired to cheat.

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He urged people not to believe such an idea, emphasizing that it is a falsehood originating from negative influences.

Understanding Sexual Proclivities:

In a series of tweets, Okonkwo delved into the differences in sexual proclivities between men and women.

He acknowledged that men generally have a higher sex drive due to the presence of testosterone, the sex hormone.

However, he stressed that this does not justify or excuse infidelity.


Exploring Factors of Temptation:

Okonkwo further explained that men are more visually stimulated, which can make them susceptible to temptation in a world where sexual imagery is prevalent.

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He also pointed out that men are capable of engaging in purely physical relationships without emotional connections, as evidenced by the support for prostitution primarily coming from men.

Importance of Self-Control:

While acknowledging that both men and women can be tempted, Okonkwo emphasized that self-control is crucial.

He stated that being tempted does not justify cheating or causing harm to someone you claim to love.

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Instead, he highlighted the importance of relying on self-control by God’s grace.


Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo vehemently rejected the notion that men are inherently wired to cheat, countering the claim made by Tuface.

He emphasized the need for self-control and refuted the idea that temptation justifies infidelity.

Okonkwo’s insights shed light on the complexities of human behavior and the importance of personal responsibility in relationships.


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