Rebecca Loos Recounts the Fateful Night at Ronaldo’s Lavish Party

A Memorable Party in Madrid

Rebecca Loos had quite an eventful evening on September 22, 2003.

Alongside her colleagues, she was heading to the residence of Brazilian football star Ronaldo, located in a posh neighborhood in northern Madrid.

Ronaldo was renowned for his extravagant birthday celebrations, and this one was no exception, complete with sumptuous food, a samba band from Brazil, and free-flowing champagne.

Despite the festive atmosphere, Rebecca’s night took a sour turn.

She was in the midst of an affair with David Beckham, who was a teammate of Ronaldo at Real Madrid, but to her dismay, she found him “hiding at the bottom of the garden” engaged in a conversation with a stunning Spanish model.

A Heart-Wrenching Phone Call

Things were about to get even worse for Rebecca that night.

Her mobile phone rang, and it was Victoria Beckham on the other end, desperately trying to reach her husband, David.

Victoria was upset because David wasn’t answering her calls.

Rebecca, who was in an uncomfortable position, informed Victoria that she didn’t know where David was.

Victoria implored her not to hang up and requested that she find David for her.

Rebecca reluctantly agreed and, feeling a bit awkward, entered the house and made her way upstairs.

As she reached a door, she saw David’s two bodyguards stationed outside.

In a hushed tone, she whispered to one of the guards, “It’s Victoria!” while mimicking holding a phone.

One of the guards disappeared into the room, and when he returned, David was with him.

In the background, Rebecca could spot the Spanish model lying on a bed, unmistakably a bedroom scene.

Annoyed and heartbroken, Rebecca handed David the phone, saying, “Your wife.”

Beckham, with a somber expression, had a quiet conversation with his wife before giving the phone back to Rebecca.

A Painful Revelation

Rebecca felt deeply hurt and filled with a sense of regret.

She thought to herself, “You stupid fool,” realizing that David had a grip on her, and she was at his disposal.

The party that had started so joyfully had ended with a heavy heart, illustrating the complexities of her affair with David Beckham.

Rebecca Loos’s recollection offers a glimpse into the complexities and emotional turmoil of her involvement in an affair with David Beckham.

It’s a story that captured tabloid headlines at the time, and this retelling sheds light on the personal experiences and emotions involved in such a high-profile scandal.

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