Rebecca Loos on Beckham’s Documentary: What Irked Her

Rebecca Loos on True David Beckham Stories

Rebecca Loos, in an exclusive interview, delves into the authenticity of certain David Beckham stories following revelations in a recent documentary.

She discusses her initial encounter with Beckham, recounting how he greeted her with a cheeky smile, and reflects on their reunion as “a real-life Barbie and Ken.”

Mixed Emotions on the David Beckham Documentary

Rebecca Loos had mixed emotions watching the David Beckham documentary on Netflix, particularly when it came to addressing the aftermath of their affair, which became a media sensation nearly two decades ago.

The documentary, touted as revealing the inside story of a global football star and cultural icon, claims to leave no topic untouched, including the affair.

However, Loos was irked by what Beckham didn’t say.

A Frustration Over Lack of Accountability

The documentary’s approach to the affair left Loos feeling frustrated.

It neither directly references the liaison nor elicits an admission of guilt or any semblance of impropriety from Beckham.

Instead, Beckham, now 48, describes the tabloid stories surrounding their affair as “horrible” and conveys that they made him “feel sick every day.”

Beckham’s ‘Poor Me’ Approach

Rebecca Loos expresses her dissatisfaction with Beckham’s response, characterizing it as a “poor me” narrative.

She believes that Beckham should take more responsibility and feels that his portrayal of himself as the victim indirectly implies that she fabricated the stories, ultimately making her appear dishonest and responsible for Victoria Beckham’s suffering.

Loos’s Preference for Silence

Rebecca Loos reveals that, in her perspective, it might have been better if Beckham hadn’t addressed the affair at all in the documentary.

For her, the past was something to be left behind, and his indirect insinuations have reopened old wounds and created unwarranted narratives.


Rebecca Loos’s candid interview sheds light on her thoughts and emotions regarding the recent David Beckham documentary.

While the documentary claimed to delve into every aspect of Beckham’s life, the treatment of their affair left Loos feeling uneasy, primarily due to what she sees as a lack of accountability on Beckham’s part.

This insight into the aftermath of a scandal from almost two decades ago provides a glimpse into how individuals involved in high-profile controversies continue to grapple with the impact on their lives and public perception.

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