The Coronation Procession, A Historic Day in London

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. On May 6, King Charles III and Queen Camilla will travel in a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey for the coronation.

This historic event is sure to attract crowds, as people hope to catch a glimpse of the new monarch.

The King’s procession will start at Buckingham Palace and travel along The Mall, passing through Admiralty Arch and south of the King Charles Island statue in Trafalgar Square.

They will then turn onto Whitehall, continue along the east and south sides of Parliament Square, before arriving at Westminster Abbey, where the service will begin at 11am.

If you plan on being a part of this historic day, you will want to know the route the procession will take and where you can watch the coronation on a big screen.

Where to Watch the Coronation in London

Viewing space along the procession route will likely be in high demand, and the viewing areas along the route will open at 6am on May 6.


However, people have been asked to avoid turning up before 6am, and once the viewing areas reach capacity, they will be closed.

Alternatively, the coronation will be broadcast live on screens at Hyde Park, Green Park, and St James’s Park.

There will be four screens in Hyde Park, with two near the Old Football Pitches, one near The Cockpit, and one near The Boathouse Lawn.

The screening site will open at 5am, an hour before the viewing areas along the procession route open.

The screens at Green Park and St James’s Park will be smaller.

Traveling to the Coronation

It is important to note that on the day of the coronation, St James’s Park station will be closed, Hyde Park Corner station will be exit-only, and Victoria station will have limited access to the procession route.

For those hoping to view the procession from The Mall, it is recommended to use Waterloo, Charing Cross, Piccadilly Circus, or Green Park stations.


For those hoping to view from Whitehall, Embankment, Westminster, or Charing Cross stations are the best options.

To get to the screening sites at Hyde Park, it is recommended to use Victoria, Paddington, Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch, or Knightsbridge stations.

For the screenings at St James’s Park and Green Park, use Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross, and Green Park.

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