Do2dtun Challenges D’banj to Produce Rent Payment Evidence Amid Custody Battle

Do2dtun Challenges D’banj to Produce Rent Payment Evidence Amid Custody Battle

Do2dtun Challenges D’banj’s Rent Payment Claim

Media personality Do2dtun has issued a challenge to Nigerian singer D’banj, asking for evidence that he paid the rent while he was married to D’banj’s sister, Taiwo Oyebanjo.

This challenge comes amid a custody battle between Do2dtun and his former wife, Taiwo.

Public Challenge to D’banj

Do2dtun publicly called out D’banj and his sister after the end of his union with Taiwo, leading to a dispute over the custody of their children.

In response to Taiwo’s claims, Do2dtun took to his Instagram handle to accuse his former wife of being a liar and demanded that D’banj provide evidence of rent payment.

Questioning the Rent Payment

Do2dtun directly addressed D’banj, challenging him to release receipts of the rent he paid for their residence.

He expressed doubt regarding Taiwo’s claims and suggested that if money was given to her for that purpose, it might have been misused, similar to how he alleged she mishandled their children’s school fees when they were in Tenderville.

Inconsistencies in Allegations

Regarding the allegations made by Taiwo, Do2dtun pointed out inconsistencies in her stories.

He mentioned various claims, from domestic violence to forced abortion, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse, and noted that her statements to the press differed from what was filed.

He urged her to provide a consistent narrative.

Marital Breaking Point

Do2dtun also shared his perspective on the marriage’s breaking point.

He suggested that the core issue was the fact that Taiwo had married her brother and had given her reasoning to her mother.

This statement adds another layer to the ongoing custody battle and public disputes between the involved parties.