Protests Erupt in European Capitals as Gaza Crisis Deepens

It follows a large demonstration with 100,000 participants that took place in London on Saturday.

As the Middle East crisis worsens, tens of thousands of Europeans have demonstrated their support for Palestine by taking to the streets of major European towns today.

Protesters demanding a truce in the conflict between Israel and Hamas staged large-scale demonstrations on Sunday in cities like Paris, Brussels, and Sarajevo.

Additionally, there have been protests in support of the Jewish state, particularly in Berlin, as it carries on its counteroffensive against Hamas following the latter’s heinous terrorist attack that has resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 Israelis, the majority of whom were civilians.

Israel has pounded Gaza with airstrikes in the fifteen days since Hamas launched its catastrophic assault, which local officials claim have claimed hundreds of lives.

Additionally, as plans for a possible Israeli ground invasion move forward, tensions in the area are growing.

Israel has threatened to strike Hezbollah, a force supported by Iran, saying that doing so would be the “biggest mistake of their lives.”

More than 100,000 people participated in marches in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff on Saturday to demonstrate support for Palestinian civilians entangled in the conflict in the United Kingdom.

Although a tiny rally outside the Egyptian Embassy in the city caused controversy after speakers were overheard advocating for jihad against Israel, the larger protest in London was largely peaceful.

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Belgium, France, and Bosnia today as part of additional demonstrations around Europe in support of Palestine.

Demonstrators gathered outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels.

The Commission has been unwavering in its backing of Israel since the conflict started more than two weeks ago.

Individuals held up posters demanding a ceasefire to stop the killing of more civilians in the region and waved Palestinian flags.

Thousands of people gathered in Paris at the Place de la Republique, a monument with a statue of Marianne, the embodiment of France.

The location has historically served as a gathering spot for protests; in recent weeks, pro-Palestine demonstrations have been held there.

People held signs demanding a halt to the “massacre,” waved flags, and sung songs in favour of the land during the demonstration.

Hundreds of people came together on Sunday to express solidarity with the fate of Palestinians in Gaza in Sarajevo, which was bombarded and besieged during the Bosnian war in the 1990s.

“What is occurring in Gaza is a human tragedy,” collective penalty.

Crimes of war

During the Bosnian war, Nabil Naser, a Palestinian physician who worked in Sarajevo, stated that these things needed to be called by their true names.

A ‘Freedom for Palestine’ demonstration drew over 3,000 participants on Sunday in a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia square.Protesters, including women and children, waved Palestinian flags and chanted, “Palestine will never die” and “From the rivers to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

They did so to the rhythm of drums.Malaysia has no diplomatic connections to Israel and is a fervent supporter of the Palestinian cause.

Muslims in the nation have been criticising the United States for its backing of Israel by holding weekly protests outside the American Embassy following Friday prayers.

Retired Munir Izwan asked the Palestinians’ neighbours to increase their aid contributions.

“The nearest neighbours should lend the most assistance in bringing the two parties together to make peace,” according to Islamic teachings.

However, from what I can tell, Munir remarked, “the neighbouring countries of Palestine are just talking, not doing anything.

“Nearer to home, a group of Palestinians, local Quakers, Israeli dissidents, and supporters of the Stop the War Coalition convened at the Peace Statue in Brighton and Hove for a “vigil for Gaza.”

Today, there were also demonstrations in favour of Israel.

Thousands of people showed up to protests in London and Berlin to express their support for the Jewish state and to fight racism.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Trafalgar Square, holding up posters and fliers depicting innocent Israeli citizens who had been abducted by Hamas and flown into Gaza by terrorists.

A number of events in London in recent days have seen people tearing down posters intended to draw attention to the situation of those held captive, infuriating British-Israelis and Jews.

One of Berlin’s most famous landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate, was the location of the gathering.

The demonstration, which is being coordinated by a large coalition of different organisations, coincides with an increase in antisemitic occurrences in Germany as a result of the war in Gaza become more violent.

While the police estimated that just 10,000 people attended, the organisers stated that around 20,000 people did.

Speaking to the crowd in front of the Brandenburg Gate, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said, “It is intolerable that Jews are living in fear again today—in our country of all places.”

“Any and all attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions are an embarrassment to Germany.”

And I feel humiliated and angry after every single attack.

Earlier at the inauguration of a new synagogue, Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed his fury at the antisemitic agitation that is growing as the Gaza war rages and warned that the vow of ‘never again’ cannot be broken.

After two Molotov cocktails were thrown into a synagogue in Berlin on Wednesday, Jewish institutions are now under additional police protection.

Expanding on his remarks made during the temple’s inauguration in Dessau, an eastern German city whose synagogue was demolished by the Nazis 85 years ago, Scholz criticised the violence on Wednesday.

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