Man Arrested for Chanting Pro-Hamas Slogans During London Protest

According to the Metropolitan authorities, the individual is being detained by authorities right now.

A man who was seen on camera ‘chanting pro-Hamas slogans’ during massive pro-Palestine demonstrations in London is being remanded in custody this evening after being detained on suspicion of inciting hatred against the Muslim community.

At approximately 4:45 p.m. yesterday, a man dressed entirely in black was observed in Whitehall waving a black and white Shahada flag, while another man wearing a grey sweatshirt looked to be yelling “Hamas” while holding a loudhailer to his mouth.

Over three million people have watched the 35-second viral video on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The guys reportedly chanted, “God’s curse upon Israel” and “God’s curse be upon the Jews,” according to The Telegraph.

‘Yesterday this man was videotaped hurling racial remarks in Whitehall,’ the Metropolitan Police stated on X, posting a picture of the man.

He was taken into custody tonight after being suspected of inciting racial hatred.

It happens after officials declared they would talk to police in response to ‘absolutely disgusting’ calls for jihad against Israel voiced by Islamists on London streets.

The video was shot on the same day as 100,000 demonstrators in Britain marched in support of Palestine, demanding an end to hostilities in the Middle East following the murder of over 1,000 Israeli civilians by the terrorist organisation Hamas, which sparked weeks of airstrikes by the Jewish state that have claimed thousands of lives.

Robert Jenrick announced that officials will be meeting with the Metropolitan Police.

The force had stated that it didn’t think any crimes had been committed during the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir’s demonstration, which turned into cries of “jihad” and demands for “Muslim Armies” to attack Israel.

Additionally, the immigration minister threatened to cancel the visas of individuals who “spread hate or support proscribed terrorist organisations like Hamas” and pledged to expel them from the nation.

It happened one week after Home Secretary Suella Braverman threatened to use the entire weight of the law to quell protestors who “mock the murder of Jewish people.”

The Metropolitan Police announced on social media that it had not “identified any offences” but that it will communicate with the guys involved to “discourage” any similar chanting in the future.

Despite this, critics called it “outrageous” that the force did not become involved in the event.

The protest happened yesterday, the same day that 100,000 protesters in Britain marched in favour of Palestine and demanded an end to hostilities in the Middle East.

A London tube driver led a train full of protestors in shouts of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” during the rallies on Saturday.

This led to horrifying scenes and prompted a police investigation.

The main Palestine solidarity march in central London seemed to go mostly unproblematic, but the Met has come under fire for how it handled the protests by Hizb ut-Tahrir, which took place outside the Egyptian Embassy separately.

Islamic fundamentalists known as Hizb ut-Tahrir have advocated for the introduction of sharia law throughout the world and the restoration of an Islamic caliphate.

Nearly all Arab states as well as countries with a majority of Muslims, like Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Turkey, have outlawed it.

A speaker asked the audience in a video that was circulated on social media, “What is the solution to liberate people from the concentration camp called Palestine?”‘Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!’ was chanted by the audience in response.

The rally’s organisers had a placard with the words, “Muslim Armies! Save the Palestinian People.

The speaker at the same occasion went on to say that “jihad by the armies of the Muslim countries” was the only way to free the people of Palestine.

“Not by me and you; what instruction have I received?” People with guns are currently boiling like we are boiling in Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other Muslim countries.

“Jihad and jihad alone is the solution,” another person was overheard to declare.

Generally speaking, the term “jihad” refers to a Muslim’s duty to obey and realise God’s will, but in recent times, radical Islamic organisations have exploited it to defend acts of violence against those they view as rivals to the faith.

The Telegraph was informed by an anonymous minister that the police response was’really awful’.

Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, described the chanting as “completely repugnant” and “inciting terrorist violence” in his morning speech.

Mr. Jenrick added, “Chanting jihad on the streets of London is completely reprehensible and I never want to see scenes like that,” in an interview with Sky’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips.

It should be dealt with using all available legal resources since it is encouraging acts of terrorism.

During the pro-Palestine Islamist rally in Mayfair, London, a speaker demanded that Muslim military commanders dispatch troops to support the mujahideen (jihadists) in Palestine.— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) ????⸏‍???? 21 October 2023

Whether or not to file charges is ultimately a question of operation for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

“Arrests have been made; since this whole thing started, there have been arrests.”

Furthermore, we want to guarantee that the police take all reasonable steps to safeguard British Jews.

“There have been arrests under terrorist legislation,” he continued.

Furthermore, we wish to take all necessary precautions to safeguard British Jews.

However, the issue at hand goes beyond legalities; it also involves morality.

Furthermore, there ought to be broad agreement in this nation that shouting slogans like “jihad” is abhorrent and unacceptable, and that we never want to witness such behaviour here.

Following the viral social media footage of the march, the Metropolitan Police declared that they had ‘not discovered any offences’.

“Officers have been overseeing the demonstration organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain throughout the day (Saturday, October 21) alongside the much larger protest organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign,” the force stated in a statement released on Saturday.

We have counterterrorism police with specialised language skills and subject matter experience working alongside public order officers in our main operations room, evaluating any emerging footage and images, in addition to the cops deployed with the protest.

They have watched a video of a man chanting “jihad, jihad” at the Hizb ut-Tahrir demonstration.

Although the word can mean many things, we know that most people will most often link it with terrorism.

After reviewing the footage, specialised police were unable to find any violations related to the particular scene.

We have also consulted with expert solicitors from the Crown Prosecution Service, who have come to the same conclusion.

But, cops identified the man and dealt with him to dissuade any further similar shouting since they understood how the public would understand language like this and the polarising effect it would have.

“We are also aware of images from the same demonstration that feature banners and signs that make reference to ‘Muslim armies’.”

Officers must make decisions based on the terminology that is actually utilised, even though there are differing opinions on what the placards’ language actually means.

Once more, a thorough inspection was conducted, and no illegal signs or banners were found.

We plan to examine this issue with the Metropolitan Police and bring up the fact that many people would find their interpretation surprising, Mr. Jenrick said to LBC.

But once more, he emphasised that “the police and the CPS should ultimately decide what is legal.”

He further stated to GB News that “there is no place in this country for people who spread hate or support terrorist organisations that are outlawed, like Hamas.”

The immigration minister added, “a visa is a special privilege, it’s not an entitlement,” and implied that those who did so would have their right to remain in the UK removed.

“You forfeit that privilege and should have your visa revoked and be expelled from the UK if you make comments that incite hatred or propagate antisemitism,” the statement stated.

“I’ve sent letters to every chief constable in the nation requesting that they forward any information they come across to the Home Office.”

“We will review them as soon as we receive them, and if they meet the legal bar, we will definitely revoke and expel them.

However, there is a legal process that must be followed.

“He continued by saying that the Home Office is currently reviewing “a number of referrals” that have previously been made to his department.

‘I can’t comment on individual cases, but please be aware of how strongly we feel that those who commit these crimes and spread hate in our nation should be removed; they shouldn’t be allowed to live in the UK and endanger our citizens and British values,’ stated Mr. Jenrick.

Head of the Palestinian embassy in the UK, Husam Zomlot, stated on Sunday that those who participate in protests only to incite hatred and fear Jews rather than to show solidarity for Palestine “should shut up.”

He was informed that some people appeared to favour Hamas by wearing images of paragliders affixed to their clothing, carrying Hamas flags, and chanting phrases that are “intimidating” for Jews.

He stated: “This is disgusting and unacceptable” on the Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips programme on Sky News.

Those individuals utilise our cause to further their own convoluted reasoning.

That is unrelated to the Jewish people.

This is not a dispute over religion.

There were many Jews among the protesters yesterday in support of Palestine.

Many of those powerful voices are our allies, the Jewish people.

“Those who harbour hatred towards Jews also harbour hatred towards Muslims and Christians.”

They should stop talking; we are not involved with them.

It happened when 100,000 demonstrators marched in support of Gaza and West Bank people in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff following Hamas’s fatal strikes on Israel, which sparked violent retaliation.

Ten persons were detained at the London March, according to the Met Police, on suspicion of using fireworks, disrupting public order, and attacking an emergency service provider.

When a London tube driver encouraged riders to scream pro-Palestinian phrases as they made their way to a solidarity march on Saturday, it infuriated many.

A video that is making the rounds on the internet purports to show the Central Line driver leading the hundreds of people crammed inside the crowded train in a chorus of ‘Free, free Palestine’.

Just after midday, hundreds of demonstrators boarded the Central Line underground train at Bond Street for the short ride to Marble Arch.

Those present informed MailOnline that the driver apologised for being unable to attend the demonstration because they were unable to take the day off work.

However, you have my utmost support.

Come with me as we chant, “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea.”

This is a contentious protest cry that some claim is anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli by nature; Palestinians and others who support them refute this claim.

Because of the strong emotions that the song arouses, the Met Police changed their guidelines this week, stating that unless the chant is intentionally used to intimidate members of the Jewish community, officers will not classify it as illegal.

‘One particular chant that has been the topic of significant discussion is ‘Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea,” stated a force statement.

For many years, pro-Palestinian marches have regularly featured this cry.

“While we can envision situations where chanting these words could be illegal, like outside a synagogue or Jewish school, or directly at a Jewish person or group intended to intimidate, it is likely that its use in a wider protest setting, like we anticipate this weekend, would not be an offence and would not result in arrests.”

We are well aware of the intensity of feeling surrounding it.

Assistant Chief Constable Sean O’Callaghan of the British Transport Police told Sky News that the force was made aware of film that was making the rounds on social media that appeared to show chants being led by a train driver in London earlier.

BTP is looking into the situation and collaborating with Transport for London.

“We are committed to providing a safe network for everyone and want to make it clear that London is open to everyone,” a TFL representative told the broadcaster.

We are aware of video material that is making the rounds on social media, which purports to show one of our Tube drivers making political remarks.

We’re trying to carefully examine the video and make sure the situation is looked into right away.

Wendy Henry was one of the passengers who accused the driver of trying to ‘raise up anti-Israeli feelings’ and claimed she ‘couldn’t believe’ what she was hearing as the mood ‘got very unpleasant, very rapidly’.

“The noise in the carriages from the pro-Palestinian demonstrators was deafening and aggressive,” she told MailOnline.

The driver ought to have been worried about everyone’s safety, but instead he started to support aggressive and menacing sloganeering.

His conduct should be investigated right away by Transport for London.

But many others on board disagreed, as video footage showed the driver being welcomed and praised by passengers who seemed to be in good spirits.

The woman went on, saying, “I have lived and worked in London for over forty years and it’s fair to say I have never felt so vulnerable and isolated.”

Notwithstanding the continuous debate on the meaning of the slogan, pro-Palestinian demonstrators in downtown London also chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

The slogan has previously been called antisemitic by Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who asserted that it is ‘widely understood’ to demand the destruction of Israel.

However, authorities have been urged to explain whether chanting the slogan constitutes a crime by Jewish organisations such as the Community Security Trust, Jewish Leadership Council, and the Board of Deputies.

The slogan’s supporters, however, characterise it as a “long-standing protest chant” that demands the creation of a Palestinian country.

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