From Gospel Groves to Genre Freedom, Timi Dakolo Redefines His Musical Palette

From Gospel Groves to Genre Freedom, Timi Dakolo Redefines His Musical Palette

Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo recently addressed misconceptions about his music identity, particularly refuting claims that he is exclusively a gospel artist.

During an interview with Cool FM Nigeria’s Dotun, the ‘Iyawo mi’ singer clarified his diverse musical style and expressed the desire not to be confined to a specific genre.

Artistic Diversity and Rejecting Labels:

Timi Dakolo firmly rejected the notion of being labeled solely as a gospel artist, asserting that his musical repertoire transcends categorization.

He highlighted the multifaceted nature of his artistry, drawing a parallel to other professions and questioning the idea of categorizing individuals in such a manner.

The singer emphasized the broader scope of his creativity beyond predefined genres.

Performance at Gospel Events and Christian Identity:

Addressing his participation in gospel events, Dakolo explained that his involvement stems from his Christian faith rather than being an exclusive commitment to gospel music.

While acknowledging his performances in gospel settings, he clarified that it does not confine him to a specific musical category.

This distinction underscores the importance of recognizing the artist’s faith while allowing for the exploration of various musical themes.

Interviewer’s Inquiry and Timi’s Response:

The interview touched on the perception of Timi Dakolo as a gospel musician, prompting the host to inquire about his categorization.

Dakolo responded by challenging the idea of labeling artists narrowly and emphasized the artistic freedom to create without constraints.

This exchange revealed Dakolo’s commitment to preserving the expansive nature of his musical expression.

Beyond Wedding Songs:

Timi Dakolo countered the perception of being solely associated with wedding songs, citing examples of his diverse repertoire.

He pointed out that tracks like ‘Great Nation’ and ‘Wish Me Well’ deviate from the typical wedding song narrative, demonstrating the range of themes present in his music.

By doing so, Dakolo emphasized the need to appreciate the breadth of his artistic contributions.

Exploring Cultural Themes in Music:

As part of illustrating his musical diversity, Timi Dakolo highlighted a song from his new album, ‘Men Of The South,’ as an exploration of cultural pride.

This emphasis on cultural themes showcases the artist’s commitment to addressing a spectrum of subjects through his music, further reinforcing his identity as a creator of art with a wide-ranging portfolio.


Timi Dakolo’s clarification regarding his musical identity emphasizes the importance of recognizing artists beyond restrictive labels.

By rejecting the exclusive categorization of being a gospel artist, Dakolo advocates for the freedom to explore diverse themes and genres within the realm of his artistry.

This stance reflects his commitment to artistic expression while challenging preconceived notions about his musical identity.