Pro-Life Activist Arrested After Climbing Las Vegas Sphere for Charity Cause

Maison Des Champs, known as the ‘pro-life Spiderman,’ was arrested in Las Vegas after scaling the 366-feet-high sphere on Wednesday.

His act, aimed at raising funds for a homeless woman facing an abortion decision, garnered attention and led to his detainment.

The Sphere Climb:

Des Champs, recognized for scaling buildings to support pro-life causes, chose the Las Vegas sphere as a symbolic gesture during Super Bowl LVIII.

The charity Let Them Live stated that the climb was intended to draw attention to the plight of unborn children, coinciding with the major sporting event in the city.

Detailing the purpose behind the climb adds context to Des Champs’ actions and aligns it with the charity’s mission.

Fundraising for a Cause:

While atop the sphere, Des Champs raised funds for a homeless woman facing an impending abortion.

The charity, Let Them Live, shared details about the 37-year-old woman and Des Champs’ commitment to supporting her financially.

The pro-life activist emphasized the urgency of addressing abortion-related concerns in society.

Highlighting the fundraising aspect underscores the activist’s dedication to using his climbs as a platform to address real-world challenges.

Statement and Donation Drive:

Des Champs, in a statement, expressed concern about the apathy towards abortion-related issues and emphasized the need to prioritize the lives of unborn children.

The charity shared a donation link with a $25,000 goal to assist the homeless woman.

The statement and donation drive aimed to raise awareness about the struggles faced by individuals contemplating abortion.

Including statements and the donation drive provides insight into the activist’s perspective and the charity’s mission.

The Sphere and Legal Consequences:

The Las Vegas sphere, known as the world’s largest spherical structure, became the backdrop for Des Champs’ climb.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed his arrest, and a spokesperson for the Sphere expressed gratitude for local authorities’ support.

Des Champs has a history of such climbs, including the Accenture tower in Chicago.

Detailing the characteristics of the sphere and the legal consequences of Des Champs’ actions adds depth to the incident.


Maison Des Champs’ latest climb in Las Vegas, though resulting in his arrest, brought attention to pro-life causes and the complexities surrounding abortion decisions.

The incident reflects the ongoing debate on using extreme stunts for activism.