Jenna Ortega’s Intimate Scenes in ‘Miller’s Girl’ Spark Viewer Discomfort – Intimacy Coordinator Responds

The film ‘Miller’s Girl’ has stirred controversy as viewers expressed discomfort over intimate scenes between Jenna Ortega, 21, and Martin Freeman, 52.

The movie’s intimacy coordinator, Kristina Arjona, has responded to claims of unease, asserting Jenna’s active involvement in decision-making and emphasizing the importance of respecting boundaries.

Jenna’s Informed Consent:

Contrary to viewers’ discomfort, Kristina Arjona revealed that Jenna Ortega was unequivocally clear about her choices for the X-rated scenes in ‘Miller’s Girl.’

As the 21-year-old actress played an 18-year-old student in an age-gap drama, Kristina emphasized Jenna’s determination and the collaborative effort to ensure her comfort during the filming process.

Highlighting Jenna’s informed consent aims to address concerns about the appropriateness of the scenes and emphasizes the importance of actors’ agency.

Navigating Sensitive Content:

The movie depicts a complex and inappropriate relationship between Jenna’s character, Cairo, and Martin Freeman’s character, Jonathan.

Kristina discussed the level of nudity, simulated sex scenes, and appropriate boundaries with the actors, providing detailed information on modesty garments and additional measures to maintain an ‘appropriate distance.’

These discussions were documented and shared with the actors 48 hours before filming, with the provision for changes on the day if needed.

Explaining the meticulous discussions and measures taken by the intimacy coordinator sheds light on the efforts made to handle sensitive content responsibly.

Audience Feedback and Test Screenings:

Acknowledging the sensitivity of the film’s content, Kristina shared insights into the extensive discussions held between the cast and crew.

Test audiences were involved to gauge reactions and determine the level of explicitness deemed acceptable.

Despite these precautions, some viewers expressed discomfort with the intimate scenes, prompting discussions on social media.

Highlighting audience feedback and test screenings demonstrates the filmmakers’ awareness of potential concerns and their efforts to find an appropriate balance.

Reactions and Defense:

While some viewers criticized the film, labeling it as ‘gross’ and expressing fatigue with age-gap narratives, others defended it as an erotic thriller.

A source condemned the criticism, pointing out misogynistic undertones and emphasizing Jenna Ortega’s evolution as a mature actress exploring serious roles.

Presenting varied reactions and a defense against criticisms provides a comprehensive view of the public response and addresses potential biases.


The controversy surrounding ‘Miller’s Girl’ reflects the challenges of portraying intimate scenes, especially with an age-gap dynamic.

The response from the film’s intimacy coordinator underscores the importance of informed consent, careful discussions, and considerations in handling such content responsibly.

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