Primary School Teacher Denies Revenge Killing of Partner, Claims Memory Loss

Primary School Teacher Denies Revenge Killing of Partner, Claims Memory Loss

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

In a shocking case, a primary school teacher, Fiona Beal, has denied the allegations of killing her partner and burying his body in their backyard.


She refutes the prosecution’s claim that the act was driven by revenge due to a suspected affair.

Throughout her testimony in court, Beal displayed a lack of memory regarding various actions she is accused of, such as using her partner’s phone for viewing pornography, moving his van, and making changes to her council tax status.

She also denied any recollection of using his credit card to renew her TV license.

Memory Loss and Marijuana Use:

Beal, a Year 6 teacher from Northampton, informed the court that during the time of the alleged killing, she regularly consumed around ten joints of cannabis on non-school days.

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When questioned about messages she sent to the victim’s mother using his phone, Beal admitted to pretending to be her deceased partner and sending a response to a message from his mother.

She acknowledged that her actions were unkind.


Uncertain Details and Phone Usage:

Under cross-examination, Beal expressed uncertainty regarding the whereabouts of her partner’s clothing, belongings, and credit cards.

She claimed not to remember the specific room in which the killing took place but vaguely recollected dragging something heavy into the garden.

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When asked about using her partner’s phone to view online pornography after his death, Beal acknowledged the possibility, stating that she might have used both her phone and his phone interchangeably without consciously deciding which to use.

She also denied recalling sending a message to her partner’s cousin on New Year’s Day using his mobile.

Denial of Revenge and “Confession Book” Allegation:

The prosecutor questioned Beal about her motive for the alleged murder, suggesting it was a revenge killing due to suspected infidelity.

Beal firmly denied this claim, stating that numerous affairs had occurred over the years without leading to violence.

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Furthermore, the prosecutor presented a “confession book” found shortly before Beal’s arrest, suggesting it contained an accurate record of her actions.

Beal refuted this, maintaining that it was merely a journal.



Fiona Beal, the primary school teacher accused of killing her partner, has denied the charges and refuted the motive of revenge.

Throughout her testimony, Beal exhibited a lack of memory regarding key details of the incident and actions associated with it.

The trial has been adjourned until later this week, and more evidence and testimonies are expected to shed further light on the case.


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