Bafta-Winning Documentary on Libby Squire’s Murder Aims to Spread Awareness and Honor Her Memory

Bafta-Winning Documentary on Libby Squire’s Murder Aims to Spread Awareness and Honor Her Memory

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

The mother of Libby Squire, a student who was tragically abducted and murdered in 2019, expressed her hope that the recently honored documentary series about her daughter’s murder will help raise awareness and commemorate her life.


The three-part documentary, titled “Libby Are You Home Yet?”, won the factual series award at the Bafta TV awards.

Libby’s mother, Lisa Squire, intends to use the documentary’s increased visibility to educate the public about violence against women and girls, even planning to discuss the issue with the Prime Minister.


The Bafta award for the documentary serves as a bittersweet moment for Lisa Squire, who longs for a normal life with her daughter.

While she appreciates the recognition and the attention it brings, she would gladly exchange it to have Libby back.

Nevertheless, she is determined to utilize any platform available to spread Libby’s message and honor her memory.

The documentary’s success brings satisfaction to Lisa Squire, who believes that the production team did an incredible job of respecting her daughter’s story.

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Previous companies had been rejected due to their focus on Libby’s personal life, rather than emphasizing the broader lessons to be learned from the experience.

Libby’s disappearance in 2019 triggered an extensive manhunt by Humberside Police, which ultimately led to the arrest and conviction of Pawel Relowicz, the perpetrator responsible for her rape and murder.

The documentary follows the events leading up to Libby’s death, the subsequent investigation, and includes interviews with her family, friends, and the police.

The director of the series, Anna Hall, dedicated the Bafta award to Libby, underscoring the team’s commitment to faithfully portraying her story.

Lisa Squire appreciates this gesture, as it encapsulates the documentary’s focus on Libby and its intention to tell her story respectfully.

Moving forward, Lisa Squire maintains a strong message for women and girls who experience sexual offenses: report the incidents.

She believes that the more victims come forward, the greater the pressure to address the issue.

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The Bafta recognition is expected to rejuvenate the campaign against violence towards women, alleviating some of the burden on Lisa’s activism.


Lisa Squire continues to visit schools, primarily speaking to sixth-formers about the importance of sticking together and watching out for each other.

She emphasizes the need for friends to prioritize one another’s safety, urging them not to leave anyone behind when they are in a vulnerable state.

By imparting knowledge, understanding, and education, Lisa believes that individuals can make better choices and prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

Currently collaborating with Thames Valley Police, Lisa is developing an education package that she hopes will be implemented nationwide after testing it in local schools.

Energized by the Bafta win, she plans to re-engage with political discussions on violence against women and girls and has scheduled a meeting with Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


The Bafta-winning documentary about Libby Squire’s murder has provided an opportunity to raise awareness about violence against women and girls while commemorating Libby’s life.

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Lisa Squire, Libby’s mother, is dedicated to spreading her daughter’s message and educating the public.

The documentary’s success has reignited Lisa’s activism and motivated her to engage with policymakers to address the issue on a broader scale.


Through education and awareness, she hopes to prevent future tragedies and alleviate the ripple effects experienced by families and friends affected by such crimes.

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