Prigozhin’s Assassination Could Spark Civil War In Russia

Prigozhin’s Assassination Could Spark Civil War In Russia

Alexei Navalny, a jailed opposition leader, fears that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s apparent murder may trigger civil war in Russia.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is imprisoned, called the crash “a real terrorist act.”

Supporters of Prigozhin had urged him to run against Putin for president.

Yevgeny Prigozhin’s suspected murder might spark a civil war in Russia, said imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny yesterday.

He claimed that months after the leader of an unsuccessful uprising against the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin had ordered the death of the leader of the mercenary squad.

According to the Ministry of Defence, there is “highly likely” but “not yet conclusive proof” that Prigozhin was on the private plane that crashed following an explosion on board.

It forewarned that his demise would have “a deeply destabilising effect” on his mercenary organisation, which works in hotspots throughout the world such the Ukraine, Syria, and numerous African nations.

In response to the alleged demise of their leader, his second-in-command Dmitry Utkin, and a number of other important lieutenants, Wagner warriors have promised to attack the Kremlin and seek retribution.

Moscow has refuted claims that it was responsible for the jet accident, calling them a “complete lie.”

While the names of the ten individuals taken from the debris have not yet been verified, Russian investigators claim to have located the flight recorder from the Embraer Legacy plane that crashed to the ground 33 minutes into its trip from Moscow on Wednesday.

According to the US Department of Defence, an explosion on the aircraft may have been deliberately employed as a means of causing the accident.

Some Wagner supporters have asserted that a bomb was hidden inside a wine case.

The explosion, which also claimed the lives of three flight attendants, was allegedly ordered by the Russian president, according to Mr. Navalny, who survived an attempted murder in 2020.

He called the crash “a real terrorist act” in a message to his fans and predicted that it would turn Prigozhin into a martyr for them.

The imprisoned opposition leader continued, “It is from these ingredients that the dish known as “civil war” is made.”

In 2020, Mr. Navalny passed out on an aircraft in Russia after being exposed to a nerve toxin.

Despite requests for his immediate release due to suspicions that the charges were politically motivated, he was eventually imprisoned on fraud-related crimes.

According to allegations made by Prigozhin’s followers, Putin ordered his killing in order to kill him and destroy his mercenary organisation because they wanted him to run against him for president.

It was widely believed that Prigozhin’s attempted insurrection, when he urged his forces to march on Moscow in June, had sealed his fate.

His death occurred two months to the day after the failed revolt.

Although it was unknown what would become of his Wagner Group, the Ministry of Defence stated that his alleged passing had created a “leadership vacuum.”

“The demise of Prigozhin almost certainly would have a deeply destabilising effect on the Wagner Group,” it was noted in an intelligence briefing.

Wagner was characterised by his personality traits of hyperactivity, extraordinary daring, a desire for results, and excessive cruelty, which are unlikely to be matched by any successor.

All paramilitary combatants in Russia will now be required to make an oath to the Russian flag, according to a Kremlin announcement.

A new edict signed by Putin states that they must promise “loyalty to the Russian Federation… strictly follow their commanders’ and superiors’ orders, and conscientiously fulfil their obligations.”