President Tinubu Unveils Two-Fold Strategy: Balancing Political Support and National Development for Nigeria’s Future

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. The President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, has devised a comprehensive strategy to satisfy his political allies while driving Nigeria towards a new phase of growth.


Known for his role in transforming Lagos, Tinubu aims to solidify his place in history by leveraging the expertise of Nigeria’s finest minds.

Mobilizing Competent Individuals for Development:

Tinubu’s strategy involves engaging capable individuals from within Nigeria and abroad to advance his vision for the country.

With a reputation for astute judgment, he plans to draw upon the nation’s talent pool to drive key developmental goals.


This approach ensures the involvement of qualified experts in shaping Nigeria’s future.

Appeasing the Political Base:

Simultaneously, Tinubu recognizes the importance of satisfying his political base.

He intends to assign them roles that align with governance objectives, ensuring their support without compromising the overall development agenda.

By carefully balancing political interests, Tinubu aims to keep his supporters content while focusing on the broader goals of national progress.

Dissolving Boards and Creating Job Vacancies:

To address the needs of his political base, President Tinubu recently dissolved the boards of government parastatals and agencies.


This decision, made before his trip to Paris, is expected to generate approximately 2,000 job vacancies.

By immediately fulfilling the demands of his political supporters, Tinubu aims to maintain their loyalty, even if it involves consolidating certain agencies for greater efficiency.

Considerations for Ambassadorial Appointments:

The pressure to replace ambassadors appointed by the previous administration led by Muhammadu Buhari is another factor at play.

Lobbying efforts are underway, with some diplomats advocating for the extension of their positions until next year.

However, the new administration is contemplating the appointment of trusted allies to key diplomatic posts in strategic locations such as Paris, London, and Washington D.C.


This move would allow Tinubu to assert his influence and consolidate support on an international level.

Lobbying for Board Positions and Ministerial Appointments:

Across various states, intensive lobbying is taking place for board positions and ministerial appointments.

Different interest groups are advocating for loyalty to Tinubu as a crucial criterion.

This political maneuvering underscores the importance of maintaining support from influential stakeholders, ensuring a cohesive and supportive government structure.


President Tinubu’s two-fold strategy involves mobilizing competent individuals for national development while simultaneously appeasing his political base.


By leveraging the expertise of Nigerians and balancing political interests, Tinubu aims to steer Nigeria towards progress and secure his place in history.

The dissolution of boards, considerations for ambassadorial appointments, and ongoing lobbying efforts reflect the intricate dynamics of Nigerian politics as Tinubu seeks to consolidate power and drive the nation forward.


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