Power Struggle Unfolds in Ondo State as Deputy Governor Allegedly Forms Group to Assume Governorship

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Amidst rumors of the incapacitation of Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, the deputy governor, Lucky Ayedatiwa, has reportedly formed a group within the state government cabinet as part of his alleged bid to assume the governorship position.


Sources suggest that Ayedatiwa has made promises to a commissioner, offering them the position of deputy governor if he were to take over power.

Loyalties Questioned as Commissioners and Special Advisor Vie for Deputy Spot

Speculations abound that two commissioners and a special advisor within the same camp are vying for Ayedatiwa’s deputy spot, with hopes of gaining federal government appointments.

This group is reportedly urging the governor to transfer power to the deputy.

However, their loyalty is now being questioned, according to an anonymous source.

Renewed Mandate Progressives Forum Warns Against Power Seizure

In response to these developments, the Renewed Mandate Progressives Forum (RMPF) has issued a warning to the deputy governor, urging him to avoid causing confusion in the state by attempting to seize power.

The RMPF claims that Ayedatiwa is inciting other members of the cabinet against the governor and has allegedly been meeting with various groups, offering them large sums of money to blackmail the governor using his health status as an excuse.


 Support for Governor Akeredolu Amidst Power Struggle

The RMPF statement emphasizes their support for Governor Akeredolu, noting his recovery from health challenges and continued functioning.

They highlight Akeredolu’s contributions to the Nigerian project and describe him as a national asset.

The group expresses concern that Ayedatiwa’s ambitions may undermine the governor’s integrity and honesty, urging him to wait until 2024 to contest for the governorship and allow Akeredolu to complete his tenure.


Allegations of a power struggle in Ondo State have emerged as Deputy Governor Lucky Ayedatiwa is accused of forming a group within the state government to position himself for the governorship.

While some commissioners and a special advisor are reportedly vying for the deputy spot, doubts have been raised regarding their loyalty.

The Renewed Mandate Progressives Forum has warned Ayedatiwa against causing confusion by attempting to seize power, emphasizing their support for Governor Akeredolu.

They urge Ayedatiwa to wait for the appropriate time to contest for the governorship and acknowledge Akeredolu’s contributions as a national asset.

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