Honey Berry, Portable’s Ex, Declares Relentless Disruption Amidst Relationship Discord

Ongoing Discord

Honey Berry, the estranged wife of Nigerian artist Portable, has vehemently declared her intent to continuously disrupt his peace amidst their ongoing feud.

A social media-shared video displayed Portable’s former partner dressed in elegant attire, exhibiting her dancing skills while affirming her stance against him.

Bold Statement

Accompanying the video was a text emphasizing her determination: “Na my matter go kill you, I no go allow you rest because na my matter go later kill you.”

This bold declaration underscored her resolve to maintain a state of agitation in their conflict.

Public Dispute Details

The rift between the singer and his estranged wife escalated into a very public argument, dragging everyone involved into the controversy.

Portable expressed frustration regarding his limited access to their child, accusing Honey Berry of spending considerable time with her boyfriend, Kokozaria, and allegedly interfering with his time with their son.

Shared Video

The video, circulated on social media platforms, encapsulated the tension within their ongoing dispute. This confrontation unfolded in the public eye, shedding light on the complexities and grievances within their relationship.

Intensified Conflict

Amidst accusations and counter-accusations, the heated exchange between Portable and his estranged wife highlighted the strained dynamics and challenges involving their child’s custody, adding fuel to an already contentious situation.

Social Media Post

The circulated video, coupled with the text asserting her persistent disruption, further fueled the public conversation surrounding their disagreement.

This social media disclosure offered a glimpse into the ongoing discord between the two parties, intensifying public interest in their relationship turmoil.

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