Pope Francis: ‘The fullness of love’ is the ‘path of holiness’

Pope Francis: ‘The fullness of love’ is the ‘path of holiness’

“Holiness unites, and through the charity of the saints we can know the mystery of God who ‘united … with every man’ embraces the whole of humanity in his mercy, because everyone, they are one and the same,” the pope said. 

The second aspect, family holiness, was featured prominently in the pope’s speech, which he subdivided between the example of spouses and the broader family unit.

“The sanctity of the spouses, as well as the particular sanctity of two distinct people, is also common sanctity in conjugality: therefore multiplication — and not simple addition — of the personal gift of each one, which is communicated.”

The pope tied the second and third aspects of holiness together by making a brief reference to the Ulma family, who were beatified in September. The beatification of the Ulmas was a historic event, as it was the first time an entire family was beatified by the Church. They were killed in 1944 in Nazi-occupied Poland for sheltering two Jewish families during the Second World War. 

The third and final aspect of personal sanctity is that of the martyrs, which is “a strong model, of which we have many examples throughout the history of the Church,” the pope said. 

The pope underscored the importance of the martyrs of the Church, noting that it is not limited to one specific time and place but instead has existed throughout the entire history of the Church. “There is no period that has not had its martyrs, up to the present day,” the pope said. “Let’s not forget that our time also has many martyrs.”