Political Showdown Unfolds in Heated PMQs Exchange Between Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak Over Farage’s Role – UK Parliament, London

Political Showdown Unfolds in Heated PMQs Exchange Between Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak Over Farage’s Role – UK Parliament, London

On February 28, 2024, during the Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) session, Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, and Rishi Sunak engaged in a fierce verbal duel.

The exchange centered on the role of Nigel Farage, Liz Truss, and the ideological direction of the Conservative Party.

Starmer’s Accusations on Sunak and Truss:

Sir Keir Starmer initiated hostilities by goading Rishi Sunak over Nigel Farage potentially taking his job.

He accused Sunak of ‘dancing to the tune’ of the Brexit champion and brought up Liz Truss, arguing that Farage was the person to ‘restore’ the Conservatives.

Starmer took a swipe, claiming the party had transformed into the ‘political wing of the Flat Earth Society.’

Sunak’s Defense and Attack:

Rishi Sunak responded by refusing to rule out a comeback for Farage. He boasted about the Tories’ record of producing the first Jewish, female, and Asian heritage Prime Ministers.

In a contrasting move, Sunak criticized Labour for only putting forward individuals from North London. The exchange escalated as Starmer questioned why Sunak allowed Liz Truss to remain a Conservative MP.

Debate on Liz Truss:

Starmer questioned Sunak about Truss, highlighting her activities in the United States and her criticism of the deep state.

He challenged Sunak on why she was allowed to stand as a Tory MP in the next election.

Sunak defended Truss by pointing out Starmer’s party’s failures on antisemitism and support for controversial figures like Tommy Robinson.

Antisemitism Accusations and Party Values:

Sunak accused Starmer of sitting idly by while antisemitism ran rampant in his party. He emphasized the Tories’ tradition of diversity and acceptance, contrasting it with Labour’s alleged shortcomings.

Starmer, in turn, accused the Tories of losing control to extremists and criticized their shift in values, asserting that they now danced to Nigel Farage’s tune.

Election Attack Line:

Sir Keir Starmer rehearsed an election attack line, claiming that the Tories were no longer the party of the past, accusing the Prime Minister of losing control to extremists.

He challenged Sunak to stand up to them. Sunak countered by highlighting the alleged hate within Labour and the inability to support their own candidates due to antisemitism.

Standoff on Values and Extremism:

The clash continued with Starmer suggesting that Sunak was either too scared to confront the right wing or agreed with Farage’s views.

Sunak countered by claiming Labour had failed to address hate within its ranks and expressed determination to stand up for British values against extremism.

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