Police Detain ‘Person of Interest’ Near University of North Carolina Following Active Shooter Alert

Disturbing developments unfolded at the University of North Carolina as an active shooter alert sent shockwaves through the campus.

Photos reveal the capture of a “person of interest” by the police, handcuffed approximately a mile away from the university.

In the images provided to WRAL, the individual, identified as Tailei Qi, can be seen sitting on the ground with hands secured behind his back, dressed in a dark-colored shirt and glasses.

This person of interest has been connected to the ongoing incident UNC authorities are investigating.

A Student in Question

According to the UNC website, the suspect image corresponds to an ID photo of Qi, a graduate student at the Department of Applied Physical Sciences.

DailyMail.com has learned that Qi has been working as a research assistant at the university since 2022.

He also asserts having previously attended Louisiana State University, where he obtained a master’s degree in material science in 2021.

Escalation of Alert and Police Response

Initial reports from the UNC campus prompted a warning about an ‘armed and dangerous person’ near Caudill Labs in Chapel Hill around 1 pm.

In a statement, the police urged individuals to maintain distance, prioritize their safety, and immediately contact 911 if they spotted the individual in question.

Insight into the Person of Interest

Qi’s online presence reveals an attempt to connect with others, as he sought to make friends through social media just last month.

His studies and interests in nanoparticle synthesis, optical trapping, self-assembly, spectra analysis, and machine learning were evident in his posts.

Moreover, he shared a paper on optical binding on LinkedIn, which he co-authored with two others, including his adviser.

An Ongoing Situation

The incident led to a lockdown on the UNC campus, with faculty, staff, and students instructed to seek shelter.

Law enforcement and emergency services personnel flooded the area in response to the situation.

As of the latest update, UNC Hospitals had not received patients linked to the incident, and the campus remained under lockdown as the active assailant situation continued.

Community and Official Responses

The response extended beyond the campus, affecting the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School district, which adopted secure mode measures.

Governor Roy Cooper expressed his concerns, pledging state resources to support the UNC community and ensure the safety of the campus.

A Tense Situation and a Developing Story

The unfolding events at the University of North Carolina are deeply concerning, as the campus grapples with an active shooter alert.

The apprehension of a person of interest, Tailei Qi, adds complexity to an already tense situation.

As authorities continue their investigations, the safety and well-being of those on and around the campus are paramount.

The coming hours and days will likely provide more insights into this ongoing and evolving story.