Plusnet Mobile Customers Alerted to Impending Closure, Urged to Seek New Providers

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Renowned financial expert Martin Lewis has issued a cautionary statement to certain Plusnet Mobile customers, advising them to begin searching for an alternative service provider as Plusnet Mobile is scheduled to shut down in the “coming months.”


This development stems from Plusnet Mobile’s decision to merge with EE, resulting in the discontinuation of Plusnet SIM only plans and rendering Plusnet SIM card usage impossible after the closure date.

Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert, conveyed this news on Twitter, urging his followers to take action: “Are you a Plusnet mobile SIM card customer? If so, it’s closing down and you’ll need to move.”

Since Plusnet Mobile solely provided SIM cards, users will be unable to utilize their SIMs for making calls, sending texts, or accessing the internet once the closure occurs.

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Additionally, unless customers switch to a new provider before the closure, they will lose their phone numbers, as warned by Money Saving Expert.

According to a report by The Chronicle Live, Plusnet confirmed that customers can presently continue using their phones without interruption.

The exact date on which their SIMs will cease functioning will be communicated to customers, who will be “the first to know.”


Plusnet has assured its users that the closure will not impact its broadband and home services.

All Plusnet Mobile users, including those currently under contract, will be able to switch to another provider free of charge.

Plusnet is presently offering exclusive EE SIM-only deals starting at £8 per month for existing customers.

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However, Money Saving Expert advises mobile users to engage in comparison shopping and evaluate prices before committing to a new provider.

To retain their current mobile numbers during the switch, Plusnet customers must request a switching code by sending a free text with the message ‘PAC’ to 65075.

They will then receive a ‘porting authorisation code,’ which allows them to keep their number with the new provider.

Plusnet customers can obtain more information about their contracts and any outstanding charges by sending a text with the word ‘INFO’ to 85075, calling Plusnet for free at 500 from their Plusnet mobile, or dialing 0800 079 1133 from any other mobile device.

Additionally, the Plusnet website provides further details and frequently asked questions about the impending closure.


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