Delta Airlines Faces Controversy as Employees Allege Directive to Capitalize ‘Black and Brown’ Race in Uppercase, Leaving ‘White’ in Lowercase

Employee Allegations Surface on Racial Styling Directive

Delta Airlines is facing a controversy as internal information reveals alleged directives instructing employees to capitalize ‘Black and Brown’ when referencing race and ethnicity in communications.

This directive, however, specifies that ‘White’ should be maintained in lowercase.

Origin of Allegations – Instagram Post Regarding Delta Forces

The controversy came to light following a post on Instagram where President Joe Biden extended greetings to the Delta Forces.

The White House’s media team, in an attempt to share the event, identified members of the “Delta Force.” However, this move raised concerns over national security as faces were not obscured, breaching protocols.

National Security Breach and Concerns Raised

The White House’s action of not obscuring or censoring faces in the image has led to significant concerns about national security.

Allegations arose, accusing President Biden of inadvertently disclosing the identities of the special forces team sent to Israel, potentially jeopardizing their mission to free hostages.

Abbas Withdraws from Summit in Protest

On a different note, senior Palestinian official President Mahmoud Abbas withdrew from a scheduled meeting with President Biden and other Mideast leaders.

The withdrawal was in protest of an alleged Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital, which Hamas health officials claim resulted in over 500 casualties.

Al Ahli Arab Hospital’s Witness to Healing and Reconciliation

Amidst the regional tensions, the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza continues its ministry of healing and reconciliation.

The hospital, led by Suhaila Tarazi, operates in an area witnessing a decline in the Christian population. Despite challenges, the hospital exemplifies love and Christ’s teachings by providing healing to individuals, regardless of race, religion, or ability to pay.

Christian Population Decline in Gaza

The director general of Al Ahli Arab Hospital estimates that the Christian population in Gaza has decreased significantly, with no more than 900 Christians among the 2 million residents.

A decade ago, there were around 3,000 Christians when the total population stood at approximately 1.5 million. The hospital remains committed to its mission, offering a beacon of hope and love in a challenging environment.

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