Kansas City Royals Minor Leaguer Faces Federal Charges After Disturbance on Delta Airlines Flight

Darnel Silver Collins, an outfielder in the Kansas City Royals minor league system, is in legal trouble after allegedly assaulting multiple passengers during a 10-hour Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City on January 21.

The incident raises concerns about the behavior of a professional athlete and the potential legal consequences he may face.

Trouble on Takeoff:

Collins reportedly initiated disturbances merely an hour into the flight, causing discomfort to fellow passengers.

According to legal documents, his disruptive actions included tapping passengers without consent, following them, and spitting on multiple individuals.

The escalation of his behavior prompted crew members to relocate passengers who were seated near him, marking the beginning of a turbulent flight.

Aggressive Behavior Escalates:

As the flight progressed, Collins’s conduct became increasingly aggressive.

He allegedly followed passengers throughout the aircraft, prompting a flight attendant to intervene when he persistently touched and followed a female passenger.

The situation further intensified when he forcibly grabbed a female passenger exiting the restroom, requiring the intervention of both crew members and fellow passengers.

In-Flight Intimidation and Spitting Incidents:

Approximately eight passengers had to be relocated to avoid further disruptions caused by Collins.

Despite attempts to manage the situation, he continued to behave aggressively, spitting on another passenger intentionally.

His actions prompted additional passengers to be moved away from him.

Collins directed verbal abuse and physical intimidation towards a flight attendant, creating an environment of fear and prompting safety concerns among the crew.

Restraint and Continued Disruption:

Efforts to restrain Collins with zip ties proved challenging, as he continued to unbuckle his seatbelt and cause disruptions.

Additional measures, including seat belt extenders, were employed to maintain control over him.

Throughout the remainder of the flight, Collins persisted in creating disturbances, requiring a flight attendant to closely monitor him while others attended to the passengers.

Legal Ramifications and Potential Consequences:

Collins now faces federal charges, including interfering with a flight crew and assault by striking, beating, and wounding.

If convicted, he could potentially face significant fines and up to 20 years in prison.

An arraignment hearing is scheduled for Thursday, adding a legal dimension to the consequences of his in-flight behavior.

Athlete’s Background and Future Implications:

Collins, signed as an international free agent with the Royals in January 2021, brings attention to the potential impact of such incidents on an athlete’s career.

With a history of playing for the Netherlands’ U-15 national team and the Kansas City rookie ball team, his legal troubles could have ramifications on both his personal and professional life.


The unfolding legal proceedings will shed light on the severity of consequences Collins may face for his alleged actions.

This incident raises broader discussions about the responsibilities and expectations placed on professional athletes, highlighting the need for individuals in the public eye to conduct themselves responsibly, both on and off the field.

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