PG Tips introduce ‘best ever quality’ blend that brews tea within 30 seconds

Brits’ Morning Tea Habits

In the United Kingdom, a morning cup of tea is a cherished tradition, but the morning rush often means that many Brits don’t brew their tea for the recommended duration. While experts suggest steeping English Breakfast Tea for three to five minutes, a surprising 85 percent of Britons admit to leaving the tea bag in for less than a minute.

PG Tips’ £50 Million Investment for a Better Brew

In an effort to enhance tea-drinking experiences across the nation, PG Tips has made a substantial £50 million investment to create what they claim is their ‘best ever blend.’ This new blend is designed to produce a perfect cup of tea in just 30 seconds, catering to the needs of the time-conscious British tea drinker.

Expert Blending and High-Quality Ingredients

PG Tips’ team of expert tea blenders has carefully crafted this new blend, incorporating fresh, high-quality tea ‘shoots’ from the tea bush. Additionally, they have included tea grown at higher altitudes in Kenya and Rwanda, aiming to provide a fresher and more flavorful tea with a brighter golden hue.

Optimized Tea Bag Design

To achieve rapid and consistent brewing, PG Tips has introduced a new bag design that strikes the right balance. It offers enough space for tea leaves to infuse quickly without the risk of the bag folding in on itself, which could impede infusion. The tea particles are sized perfectly to move freely within the bag, ensuring a stand-out flavor release for a refreshing, smooth, and full-bodied taste.

Addressing Short Brewing Times

The motivation behind this innovation lies in the fact that 85 percent of tea drinkers in the UK steep their tea for less than a minute, with nearly half of them allowing less than 30 seconds. PG Tips’ new blend and bag have been meticulously crafted to deliver a perfect cup of tea, even when time is limited.

Sustainable Packaging

In addition to the improved blend and bag, PG Tips is also introducing more sustainable packaging. This packaging is stronger, more durable on the shelf, and eliminates the need for plastic overwrap. It is fully plant-based and recyclable, and it takes up 33 percent less space compared to the current box, making it easier to store in kitchen cupboards.

A Commitment to Elevating the Tea Experience

This new PG Tips offering is the result of a significant investment by LIPTON Teas and Infusions, the parent company, and the world’s leading tea company. It reflects their commitment to enhancing the experience of black tea consumption while creating shared value across the entire tea production process.

A Fresh Perspective on Tea

Liam McNamara, PG Tips General Manager for the UK and Ireland, expressed the brand’s pride in its position as a beloved tea brand in the UK. He emphasized the evolving tea-drinking habits and tastes of consumers. The new PG Tips blend aims to provide a quicker infusion, a brighter, smoother, and more consistent cup of tea, catering even to the nation’s impatient tea drinkers. This launch marks a new era for PG Tips, offering a more perfect, full-bodied, and refreshing blend to inspire fresh perspectives with every sip. PG Tips’ new Original, Gold, and Decaf blends are now available nationwide.

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