Etiquette expert William Hanson advises on the ideal time to arrive at a dinner party

Etiquette expert William Hanson advises on the ideal time to arrive at a dinner party

Navigating Dinner Party Etiquette: A Timeless Dilemma

The Challenge of Arriving at a Dinner Party

In the realm of social gatherings, the age-old question of when to arrive at a dinner party remains a source of confusion and stress for many.

Etiquette expert William Hanson, known for his insightful advice, tackles this dilemma in his latest book, Help I Sexted My Boss – A Hilarious Guide To Avoiding Life’s Awkward Moments, co-authored with Jordan North.

The Dilemma Unveiled: Early, On Time, or ‘Fashionably Late’?

Jordan North expresses the common dilemma faced by many individuals when invited to a dinner party – deciphering the true meaning behind the specified time.

Does ‘come for 7 pm’ mean arriving on the dot, fashionably late, or somewhere in between? Hanson’s response challenges the early birds, suggesting an arrival time of 7:10 pm or maybe 7:15 pm, but certainly not later.

Pushback on Etiquette: The “Weird Etiquette Gaslighting”

Amidst the advice, Jordan North voices his frustration, labeling the suggested timeframe as ‘weird etiquette gaslighting.’

He advocates for straightforward communication, emphasizing that hosts should explicitly state the desired arrival time.

While agreeing that being overly early is inconvenient, North contends that hosts should be ready for guests at the specified time, fostering clarity and ease in social interactions.

Evolution of Time Etiquette: Adapting to Changing Realities

Hanson sheds light on the historical context of the ‘ten-minute-late rule,’ acknowledging that it was once a norm adhered to by older generations.

However, he recognizes the shift in contemporary perspectives, acknowledging that people value their time more than ever.

Despite personal reservations, Hanson concedes that North’s viewpoint aligns with the changing dynamics of punctuality and social expectations.

Deciphering the Code: Unraveling “7 for 7.30”

Addressing the cryptic invitation phrase “7 for 7.30,” Hanson demystifies its meaning – guests can arrive anytime from seven but not after 7.30, as that marks the commencement of the dining experience.

The optimal arrival time, he suggests, is around 7:15, striking a balance between punctuality and the host’s preparedness.

The Timeless Quest for Social Grace

As the debate over dinner party arrival times continues, William Hanson’s insights offer a nuanced perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of social etiquette.

Navigating this timeless quest for social grace requires a delicate balance between tradition and the contemporary realities of time constraints.

In the realm of dinner parties, finding the right moment to make an entrance remains a nuanced art, shaped by individual preferences and societal shifts.

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