PDP Urges Newly Elected Lawmakers to Stay United and Relevant as Opposition in the 10th National Assembly

PDP Urges Newly Elected Lawmakers to Stay United and Relevant as Opposition in the 10th National Assembly

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. The newly elected lawmakers of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have received a call to remain united and relevant as the opposition in the upcoming 10th National Assembly.


During a retreat held in Bauchi State for party members who won in the 2023 general elections, Ambassador Umar Damagum, the acting National Chairman of the PDP, emphasized the significance of unity among the newly elected legislators.

Unity as the Key to Relevance

Ambassador Damagum emphasized the need for the newly elected lawmakers to recognize their position as the opposition in the National Assembly.

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To remain relevant, he urged them to work together as a unified family.

Understanding the crucial nature of the present time in the party’s history, he highlighted that the collective efforts of its members would shape the future progress of the PDP.

Challenges Faced in the 2023 General Elections

While congratulating the lawmakers-elect for their success in the recent elections, the PDP acting National Chairman acknowledged the numerous challenges encountered during the polls.

He went on to describe the 2023 election as potentially the worst conducted in the nation’s history.


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Ambassador Damagum lamented the undermining of the Electoral Act, which had provisions for technology-enabled transparency in the electoral process, such as the use of BVAS and electronic transmission of results.

Support for Legal Proceedings and Reclaiming Mandates

Ambassador Damagum assured the lawmakers-elect of the party’s unwavering support throughout any legal proceedings they may encounter.

He pledged that every effort would be made to regain any lost mandates resulting from the election.

By providing continuous support, the PDP aims to assert its presence and uphold democratic principles.

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The PDP acting National Chairman expressed satisfaction with the party’s performance in the election, recognizing the responsibility to rally like-minded individuals and become a party that is responsive to the aspirations of Nigerians.

Unity among the newly elected lawmakers is vital for the PDP’s relevance as the opposition in the 10th National Assembly, and the party remains committed to supporting its members throughout their legislative journey.


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