Nigeria Labour Congress Warns of Impending Labour Crises for Incoming Government

Nigeria Labour Congress Warns of Impending Labour Crises for Incoming Government

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, cautioned that the new government may face a series of labour crises due to unresolved agreements left by the previous administration.


Expressing sympathy for the incoming Bola Tinubu administration, Ajaero acknowledged the numerous unsettled industrial challenges that remained unaddressed by the outgoing Buhari government.

Assessment of Nigerian Workers’ Welfare under Buhari’s Rule

During an appearance on the Channels TV programme, Politics Today, Ajaero assessed the welfare of Nigerian workers under President Muhammadu Buhari’s rule.

While acknowledging Buhari’s efforts to foster industrial peace and harmony, he stated that they were insufficient to meet the needs of the workforce, potentially leading to a “spillover effect” on the new government.

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Impending Industrial Disputes and Unfulfilled Agreements

Ajaero raised concerns about impending industrial disputes arising from unfulfilled agreements with professionals in academia, healthcare, and the power sector.

He noted that despite the Buhari administration’s attempts to address industrial disputes, many of them remained unresolved, creating the potential for further crises.

Solutions to Preempt Strike Actions

When asked about potential solutions to preempt strike actions, Ajaero emphasized the need for capable technocrats to manage various sectors.


He highlighted that honoring agreements is the key to resolving many of the ongoing disputes.

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Ajaero suggested that studying the situation and employing proper technocrats to handle the issues one by one would benefit the new government.

Reasonable Trade Unions and the Importance of Honoring Agreements

Ajaero emphasized that trade unions and their leaders are reasonable.

He expressed optimism that if the new government listens to their concerns and appoints competent individuals to address the issues, resolutions can be found.

Ajaero underscored the paramount importance of honoring agreements, even those made five or ten years ago, in resolving the current crisis.


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